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  1. We I finally found a CKEditor addon for what I'm trying to do ( https://ckeditor.com/addon/bbcode ), however I added it through the admin panel but the button isnt there or under Editor > Toolbars in admin panel
  2. So this works better than what there was before, but considering it pretty much yells at me about how it's not secure to enable and to only allow trusted members to use it, it wouldn't really help :/ Is there no way to enable a "source" button like the IP.Board 3 that shows BBCode rather than pure html?
  3. In the previous IP.Board versions we were able to view the source code on posts. Sometimes formatting can get funky (especially when using spoiler tags) and it's almost near impossible changing where certain things go with the visual editor. Most people who use my forum (probably 9/10) are really familiar with BBCode and can easily edit the post using straight code. I've been unable to find anything to solve this and add the button back, and beyond LOVE IP.Boards software and don't want to have to switch cause of this. Does anyone have any solutions or ways to add an "edit source" or "edit code" button?
  4. Doesn't work... Gonna assume I have too many members on my forums and it breaks the hook.. It repeats replies in the sidebar, and when we post a topic it shows in the sidebar, but when someone replies to that topic it deletes itself from the sidebar.
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