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  1. Well, I couldn't find a way to automatically pull the thumbnail from a database while viewing the list of records for a different database. ? I'm sure it should be possible, I'm just not fluent enough to get it working. The issue only comes up because the two databases have different category structures.
  2. My website has several custom databases using Pages, and for organisational purposes I need one to have a list of links that goes through to another database. In one database I have a field that has the URL to the other database entry's thumbnail image. However, I have hit a snag where the thumbnail URL changes every time the database entry is edited, meaning I need to update both databases anyway so it doesn't save me the time that organising it this way would have in the first place. Two questions: Is it intended behaviour for the thumbnail URL to change every time an item is edited? Is there a better way to do this? For reference, in case it explains why I am doing this better, these are the two databases in question: Star Wars Timeline, with categories for Canon, Legends, and chronological subcategories: https://www.galacticbasic.net/star-wars-timeline/ Star Wars Media Database, categorised by media type (book, movie, etc.) : https://www.galacticbasic.net/star-wars-database/
  3. Easiest way to find the error is probably to use the "Show default" option in the top right that lets you view the original template, that way you can compare differences between the default template and your edited version that won't save.
  4. I had this the other day I think it was some if/elseif/endif that I had broken accidentally.
  5. Well, I decided to edit the database directly to do it, except I didn't realise about the club membership cache in the members table... Whoops.
  6. I didn't even know I need this. Game changer!
  7. Forgive me if this is already covered somewhere; I did try searching first... I have just activated Clubs and I intend to replace my ancient private forums with secondary member groups system. Is there a way to bulk add members to groups, or is it just by sending out invites through the Club interface?
  8. Yes, and I'm on shared hosting so I don't stand much chance of getting any unblocked.
  9. Never had a problem with Sparkpost, and the hosting I'm using has blocked the SMTP ports so that method is not going to work for me.
  10. I founded my community in February 2002, too, and switched to IPB in 2003. I had no idea Invision was so new at the time!
  11. Is it possible to further customise the error page, for example showing a more detailed custom message, or an image, depending on the error that was generated? For example, I may wish to display different specific content for a 404 error than you would for another error message.
  12. Assuming your hosting environment allows it, you can try adding this to your .htaccess file: <IfModule mod_headers.c> Header set Content-Security-Policy "upgrade-insecure-requests" env=HTTPS </IfModule> It should automatically upgrade any insecure (http) request to https automatically, assuming the user is using an update web browser that supports this header. In the event that an external resource doesn't support https then it will fail to show, which will preserve your secure status.
  13. I couldn't see a generic thread for feedback on the Leaderboard function, so I apologise if I have missed it. My site isn't very busy right now so quite often the daily leaderboard has nothing to show. It would be nice if there were some extra options, for example to either show the past leaders page if there is no leader for the day, or to change the period (for example) to a weekly leaderboard? I wish this feature was around a few years ago, but I don't think time travel is on the IPS development plan at the moment.
  14. Hi, I've been searchign for this for ages with no luck. When creating a block for a list of articles, I want to display the category the article is in, but I am not sure what to use to pull this data into the block. Also, if there is a handy list of all the variables you can pull into blocks, I'd love to know where it is.
  15. I'm sure URLs for tags used to be friendlier, but at the moment they appear to appearing like so: .../search/?tags=gaming But they used to look like this (and I can see a lot of errors for these URLs in Webmaster tools): .../tags/forums/gaming .../tags/ccs/gaming I've looked at the friendly URLs option in the ACP and haven't been able to replicate this so far, or at least get something similar. Anybody have any experience of getting this working? I was still using the default options so I don't know if this feature was maybe dropped or inadvertantly missed off the release version.
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