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  1. Same. I received an email 2 hours ago saying that they were aware of intermittent issues "but that it appears to have resolved itself". 100% WRONG. Random errors on the front end, can't run updates on the back end. Right now their cloud services are borked... or at least my instance is.
  2. Things *were* fine, but in the last 2 hours, my board has gone completely off the rails. All sorts of errors. No idea wtf is going on. Waiting on a response to my support ticket. No changes to my board config in weeks so something has gone completely sideways at their end. Not good.
  3. Been getting reports today about intermittent Server 500 errors. I went to reply to one of them and WHAMMO, got one myself.
  4. I'm running 4.5.1 at the moment. Everything is fine using the light theme, but in the default dark theme, text typed into text inputs is invisible. The keystrokes are there and register, but you cannot see the characters on screen. This is the case in the board login and password fields, the search bar, as well as subject titles (editing bodies of posts is fine). I've not done any customizations to the dark theme. It's out of the box. I've tested in both Chrome and Firefox. In the board search bar, I can just barely make out the text; the search bar background color is darker than the login background color, so I'm guessing the input's foreground color is set incorrectly by default on the dark theme. Can this be fixed globally?
  5. Well, I'm still running 1.0.8, not the new 1.0.9 you uploaded here. I just upgraded the board from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 a few minutes ago and now the plugin is working. Go figure... thanks anyway for your help.
  6. Only seeing primary group icons now since upgrading the board to 4.5. I've disabled and re-enabled the plugin to no avail. All the plugin settings have been retained. It's just not showing secondary icons for any user group at all. EDIT: I notice I'm still running 1.0.6. I went to download the newest version, 1.0.8, but the marketplace says that 1.0.8 is NOT compatible with 4.5. EDIT 2: I upgraded 1.0.6 to 1.0.8. Still not working. I then completely uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled and reconfigured. Still nothing.
  7. Seconded. I just made the mistake of upgrading to 4.5 before making sure all my plugins worked with it, and sadly this one currently doesn't. 😞
  8. I would like to know this as well.
  9. Is Secondary Group Icons compatible with IPB 4.3? I'm holding off on upgrading to 4.3 until I know for certain this plugin will work. Thank you.
  10. Good morning, Would you mind updating the marketplace entry? It looks like this module was last updated in November 2015 and is not compatible with the current version of IPB. I had to read through this thread to determine whether this module was still actively supported/maintained. Thank you.
  11. I am still running IPB 3.x and IPBHost has informed me I need to upgrade to 4.x. One of the current dealbreakers is that apparently IPB 4.x no longer supports display of primary and secondary group badges. A step backwards, sadly. I rely on this feature in 3.x to be able to show site donorship over the years (see attached image). How can I replicate this behavior in version 4.x? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the reply. However, since I am using Invision's cloud hosting, all sourcecode is encrypted and nonmodifiable. So I guess I'm hosed unless I want to buy the board software and host it myself. Ugh.
  13. I purchased this mod today, very nice... I *almost* have it working the way I want. I want the same right-hand sidebar to be on every single page of the board. So I have enabled and customized the "Standard Sidebar". It appears on every single page except the search results page, and by extension the "View New Content" page. How do I get my sidebar to appear on those pages also? Thank you.
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