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  1. I saw the same problems. Wont disable from the sidebar and the whole thing itself wont disable when I tried it.
  2. I use it too. Would like to use it on 3.2
  3. Going update this for 3.2?
  4. Obviously I did. :P Thanks. :)
  5. Is there a link to the client area somewhere here on the 3.2 support forum? I remember seeing it on the 3.1.4 one.
  6. Great idea! Thanks for creating this. :)
  7. .Joe

    Download: Shoutbox

    Its not unreasonable to ask for advice on how to make the shoutbox appear above the statistics section on the index page. Do you have any tips on how to get my desired results?
  8. .Joe

    Download: Shoutbox

    Ok I figured it out... ACP > Applications & Modules > Manage Hooks > Shoutbox (Global) > Edit Hook > Hook Files The skin group this hook is in > skin boards The skin function this hook is in > boardindextemplate Type of template hook > if statement The hook 'ID' > cats_forums Position of template hook > (post.endif) However, I'd like it to extend across the whole width of the forum, with these settings it stops at the sidebar column. Any ideas on how to make it extend the 100% width of the forum? I tried putting it before the "showTotals" part but it just merged it into the statistics box and it was an ugly mess.
  9. .Joe

    Download: Shoutbox

    Where do I edit to make it happen?
  10. .Joe

    Download: Shoutbox

    I would like it on the bottom but above the stats section. How would I do that?
  11. I agree, the support here is top notch!
  12. The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.

    1. dogpatch


      its tried to contact us, were just too dumb to notice

  13. Oh, thanks. Odd image choice, which is probably why I didnt figure it out. :P Most others use the same symbol (which is the two letter "A"s)
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