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  1. I've been trying that one too. Browser detection websites were telling me I was on Chrome when I went to check. Now I know why they were saying that.
  2. I dont really game too much so I'll just say Mario Kart for the wii
  3. RIP Prince! You were one of the greats.
  4. I dont have any this year. I hope to just maintain some normalcy.
  5. At theme parks here in California, they'll kick you off the ride if you do that.
  6. Always adding new content couldn't hurt. Members need fresh new topics daily to reply to, it keeps them interested.
  7. There is lots of great VPN's that work for mobile devices. I've tried a few. Not sure if there is a real need for it or not, but if you want it, it's out there.
  8. I saw the same problems. Wont disable from the sidebar and the whole thing itself wont disable when I tried it.
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