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  1. Hey, I had a few questions about the app before I purchased it. Hopefully someone knows the answers – Is there a setting to display a user's awards next to their posts on the forum (next to rep, post count, etc)? Is there a migration script from InvisionHQ's old free "Awards" app? (guessing no, but it's worth a shot) And does it allow for awards such as user made x amount of topics in x forum section? Thanks a lot!
  2. Would it be possible to add the option to set a delay on the notifications so that spam can be dealt with on the forum side before it gets automatically shared to Discord?
  3. I'm having this issue also. Spam topics are being shared to Discord, even though these spam topics never make it onto the site. I believe this is related to the "post before register" feature. I'm aware that I can turn on the approval queue and manually approve everything, but I don't want it this way, I want it to post everything automatically (so long as it isn't spam). Is there any way around this?
  4. After upgrading to 1.2.1, this plugin causes editing records to stop working. With the plugin enabled, if I try and edit a record, I get this error: "2T257/3"
  5. Is there a way to stop the Discord bot from changing people's nicknames? Some people have reported that after I installed Brilliant Discord, if they were to link their forum account, then the Discord bot would change their nickname on Discord. I'd rather that this didn't happen.
  6. Having the same issue here. Even just a way to cancel the upgrade would be great.
  7. If a user signs up with their Twitter account, enables status update sharing to IPS, and then gets flagged as a spammer, their spam tweets will still sync and be posted on the website. I think this is a bug. As a fix for our site, I've just disabled Twitter status sharing, since nobody uses it. So I didn't need to make a ticket about this for my site. But I thought I better report it so it can be fixed (or maybe this doesn't happen for everyone? Idk)
  8. Thanks! No worries, I can wait for the update.
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This plugin allows you to select forums that are "Spoilers" forums – forums where people can post things freely without using the spoiler tag – and stops these forums from showing up in feeds. Previously, spoilers forums would show up in the activity feeds (unread, all activity, etc), profile feeds, search results and leaderboard top content – but no more! Keep your members from accidentally seeing spoilers!
  10. Is there any inbuilt trigger for when a user creates a club? Would it be simple to create this?
  11. Are there any plans to add the nice embeds for when you link to a video category, like this kind of thing? Or maybe a database field type that allows you to link a video category in a record?
  12. Also, would it be possible to have it so that when a user gets flagged as a spammer, that their points get removed? It's not a good look to have spam bots on the weekly leaderboard.
  13. I'm still receiving this bug (not sure if it was meant to be fixed already).
  14. Actually, thanks for the help everyone but this isn't really a solution as I noticed another place these posts from the spoiler forum will show up - the "Activity" tab on people's profiles. I really just need a global way to disable a forum from showing in activity feeds.
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