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  1. After upgrading to 1.2.1, this plugin causes editing records to stop working. With the plugin enabled, if I try and edit a record, I get this error: "2T257/3"
  2. Is there a way to stop the Discord bot from changing people's nicknames? Some people have reported that after I installed Brilliant Discord, if they were to link their forum account, then the Discord bot would change their nickname on Discord. I'd rather that this didn't happen.
  3. Thanks! No worries, I can wait for the update.
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This plugin allows you to select forums that are "Spoilers" forums – forums where people can post things freely without using the spoiler tag – and stops these forums from showing up in feeds. Previously, spoilers forums would show up in the activity feeds (unread, all activity, etc), profile feeds, search results and leaderboard top content – but no more! Keep your members from accidentally seeing spoilers!


  5. Is there any inbuilt trigger for when a user creates a club? Would it be simple to create this?
  6. Are there any plans to add the nice embeds for when you link to a video category, like this kind of thing? Or maybe a database field type that allows you to link a video category in a record?
  7. Also, would it be possible to have it so that when a user gets flagged as a spammer, that their points get removed? It's not a good look to have spam bots on the weekly leaderboard.
  8. I'm still receiving this bug (not sure if it was meant to be fixed already).
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Requires IPS Gallery. By default, albums in IPS Gallery are set to only be editable and contributed to by the owner of the album. Even if users have moderation abilities for a gallery category, or even if you're the top admin, by default you can't add to an album that is owned by someone else. This plugin removes this per album setting, and sets all new or edited albums to be "public", ie. anyone with permission to upload to the gallery category can now edit and contribute to all of the albums within that category.


  10. Oh sorry, I meant to say custom friendly URLs
  11. Hey, love the app and I really appreciate how on top of support you are 😄 I was wondering if it would be easy to implement these features, or if they'd have to come under extra paid development work: - Custom friendly URLs for categories - The ability to have categories & subcategories appear in a URL, on a per-category basis (so a category URL might be /videos/category/subcategory/) - Custom friendly URLs for records - The ability to have the category URL appear in the record URL (eg. /videos/category/subcategory/friendly-record-url) Thanks, I really appreciate any indication about whether these are possible.
  12. Hey, I'm having an issue with this plugin. If I select "Create New Album", then after I create the record instead of prompting me to create the album, I get led to a page with this error: The URL seems to be correct, [board URL]/gallery/submit/?do=submit&category=6&album=1285&_new=1 Any ideas? Edit: I've found another bug. If you select "Create New Album", but then fail to select a gallery category, the record will be created with a null album linked. Is there any possibility of fixing these bugs?
  13. On the Plugins page in the Admin CP Dunno what to say, with the oembedService plugin disabled, everything loads fine... but if I enable the plugin, any kind of 'record' page just loads white screens. Category pages are fine. I've PMed you these.
  14. The plugin doesn't work for me. The Edit button only displays the title, like this: and any pages with content to process no longer load. I've disabled all other plugins. Any ideas?
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