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  1. I think you had good attentions, but it does not make it user friendly.... A lot of my members who had stuck with me when we used phpBB, Word Press, vBulletin, and XenForo ..... Were lost when we switched to IPB because so many things were hidden (some of them still are and I find new people who join are also lost).
  2. ♥ Adam ♠

    Download: (SOS31) Topic Icon on Forum View v1.0.0

    This would really be nice if you should find the time in the future to update this for 3.2.x
  3. ♥ Adam ♠

    I need help.

    Mind sharing with us a link to your site?
  4. I can not confirm the issue you are having. Please provide a link for an example to your site.
  5. File Name: PDF Viewer (Adobe Acrobat Document Viewer) File Submitter: ♥ Adam ♠ File Submitted: 10 Sep 2011 File Updated: 10 Sep 2011 File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files This BB Code will provide support for you & your members to share & view PDF files (Adobe Acrobat Documents), courtesy of Google Docs. Open Source: You are free to edit, improve, and distribute this code. All that I ask is that you please provide some credit to: SociallyUncensored.eu Click here to download this file
  6. Will this work a side with Tapa Talk ? I already use it and members have already paid for it. But I am willing to provide options, provided this will not conflict.
  7. Happy Birthday SociallyUncensored.eu

  8. Happy Birthday SociallyUncensored.eu

  9. ♥ Adam ♠

    Some Advice is Needed (Sensitive Issue)

    You're absolutely right. I've reported a few sites myself. A lot of people think no one gets hurt in pirating content, but they're wrong. It is not only the hard-working efforts of software developers who put their time, effort, skills, and general knowledge who lose out when someone does this. But the customers (us) who lose out when prices go up to recover for such loss. I have no pity for those who would wrongfully take such actions.
  10. ♥ Adam ♠

    Some Advice is Needed (Sensitive Issue)

    Use the link provided (http://www.invisionpower.com/company/piracy.php). That should work on not only pirates, but those who foolishly support them. (Go get`em!)
  11. ♥ Adam ♠

    Download: Display Zodiac

    Sorry, but I can not (and will not) support 3rd party skins. Please contact your skin developer for help.
  12. File Name: Mixpod.com Music & Video Playlist BB Code File Submitter: ♥ Adam ♠ File Submitted: 01 Sep 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins Description: Mixpod.com is a site that allows you to build music and video playlists of your favorite music and it will find them on sites like YouTube and it will play them as if they were local files. It's a great way to share music without having to download actual mp3 or movie files. The site requires registration but it is free and easy. Once you sign up you search for music and add it to your playlist(s). This BB Code can be used site wide (not just forums )wherever BB Code is allowed, include user profile & Blogs :wink: How to use & install: See enclosed ReadMe.html file Credit: SociallyUncensored.eu would like to thank BirdOPrey5 for granting us the privilege & support for helping develop this BB Code. Open Source: You are free to edit, improve, and distribute this code. All that I ask is that you please provide some credit to: SociallyUncensored.eu Click here to download this file
  13. ♥ Adam ♠

    Windows 7 SSD Optimization

    Windows XP is 11 years old ..... It has no official SSD support unless you can tweak it and force drivers to work on it. Windows 7 with XP Mode is your best option.
  14. ♥ Adam ♠

    VBulletin 3.8 to Invision Software

    On vBulletin.org I am known as OldSchoolDSL. I forget what month it was, but my community was one of The Forums of The Months Today I use Invision 3.2 Forum, Blogs, Nexus, Calendar, Tracker, and about 40+ modifications, tweaks, and hooks. Today I even released my 1st hook for Invision. It's a simply one mind you, but only because I'm still learning Invision and only have been a customer for about 1 month. Almost (not done yet) have my site looking like the way I did when we were Forum of the month. See for yourself: http://www.SociallyU...sored.eu/forums Not bad for less then 1 month, huh? I understand that Invision does a poor job on displaying when it is capable of. I kind of pointed that bit out myself and annoyed a few people here in doing so. But after putting up with the frustration of vBulletin and the limited modifications of XenForo.... I decided to chance it. So far it has been a worth while investment.
  15. ♥ Adam ♠

    Contact Form

    That could be your problem. What I did was made a "dumby account" (called, Contact Us) and even gave it a small avatar (same one I have here). Made for a clean look and I think solved any problems.