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  1. I would like to share my expreience with @onlyME. I purchased this application after playing with the demo for a day while at the same time corresponding through PM's. After I purchased it, I had some configuration issues with my server that onlyMe was happy to help with. A few PM's later and I am up and running. Not only is the support for this app excellent, but the app itself has so much flexability and customization that it should cost way more. And I for one would be happy to pay it. If you are thinking about purchasing the Featured Content app, do it. You will be glad you did.
  2. This is exactly what I needed to manage bounced emails. Not only does it keep my Mandrill reputation high, but it also allows me to gain members back to my mailing list that may not have realized their emails were no longer active. This is awesome!!!!!
  3. Can't wait to get my site active!!!!

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