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  1. Ask him where he hosts his files. On iTunes is different than where he hosts the actual MP3 files. SoundCloud, Libsyn, Fireside, etc. Most of these hosts have embed functionality which he could send you the embed code after publishing a show. Some podcasters self host on their own servers when starting out so that won't be much help if he does.
  2. That site is on WordPress just FYI. Many podcast hosting platforms offer a way to embed individual episodes. I use fireside.fm and they provide that as well. You can see an example of that at https://homeservershow.com/forums
  3. I recently saw this error after upgrading PHP. After reading this thread I reduced the image pixel size downwards until the upload was accepted. No other adjustments and I wasn't very excited about making server side changes but I know I probably will have to find the problem later on.
  4. Thankfully IPS reminded me that this theme was about to renew. My issue still remains and I see many other issues at large as well. It's a shame because I like the look of it and Surface Theme but sadly will not renew or look at again.
  5. Hey opentype, Forgive a newbie question as I'm coming from WordPress. I don't see how to mark an image with the record image field, or upload with this field in order to get it to show up. Let alone, mark older posts so they show up. I'm not sure if it's setup correctly on my side to see that field during post creation. Image attached. I have the fallback image set and it looks great! https://homeservershow.com
  6. Ok, i found that setting. Not sure how that got in there as it was ugly. I'll continue to poke around. Looks like I'll go with the original plan on 301 redirects then. Map old location to new. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hey All, I recently imported a WordPress db into Pages and am showing the content on root and forums in /forums. I wanted to get your opinion on SEO for doing redirects. I was planning on doing 301 redirects on my top 20 pages and then hopefully redirecting the entire site after that. Not sure if that is an option though. Example: Old Location https://homeservershow.com/home-server-show-306-final-episode.html (no longer resolves) New Location https://homeservershow.com/articles.html/blog/home-server-show-306-final-episode/ # .htaccess Permanent URL redirect Redirect 301 /home-server-show-306-final-episode.html https://homeservershow.com/articles.html/blog/home-server-show-306-final-episode/ Besides the 301 methodology I'm wondering if there is something that can be done in Pages to help this along. I recall seeing a method to remove the category from the URL. It would be nice if it could somehow remap to the same URL.
  8. I just setup all the social networks and major login handlers and would love to see it work with them. Email and PM. Just adding my .02 cents. Honestly, I wish I had seen this app a LONG time ago. Works well.
  9. Mod the footer via html? I'll mess around with the global template.
  10. In this image you can see the right side of a list of posts. At the top, the rectangle is blank but it's supposed to say, Like this post. In the bottom post you can see that it clearly says "1 person likes this."
  11. I'm testing this theme and notice the "Like button is unreadable. Once a post is "Liked" the text "1 Person liked this" is readable. Also curious if anyone has adapted this to be a dark theme?
  12. I have 4 IPBoard Forums and am considering using the SSO option of IPS Connect. I do have a few questions for anyone that might be using it. I plan on doing a test with my least used forums prior to migrating to my bigger boards. If I do a test of one forum as the Master will there be any issues of changing it to a slave later? I know for sure that I have multiple users that have separate logins on each of my boards. Many with the same username. Will this cause issues? Will the Master be the default for password if a user has accounts on multiple boards? Does each board need to have Facebook login handlers enabled if it's used on the master? I've only done one 4.x install to date and chose "Display Name" as the login. Does this requirement need to be the same across all boards that will use the Master? At this point I would be more comfortable with "username" than Display Name or Email address. Thanks for your time.
  13. Is it possible to NOT use the plugin as SSO yet use it to post into a designated forum when a new article is published in WP? I would like to turn off WP comments. How will this work when 4.0 is released? I am considering using SSO across TLD's.
  14. This is a great step forward. I've been hounding Invision to do this for a while! I currently have two and would like a network of forums that are accessible via one login, one set of credentials. I could probably simplify my group situation and make them the same across all my boards to accomplish some goals. Would it be possible to use just the master forum for registering and logins? All child forums simply link register and login to the master? How are social logins handled? Again, forward to the master forum? I have two forums today that have some duplicated users and usernames. How would that be handled?
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