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    Hi @onlyME thx for this app, it's possible with diffrent rooms ? This is for use with private rooms for each club.
  1. And please for 4.3, oAuth Microsoft Office365
  2. I will ask my friend histoire username. Concerning the copyright I have not even seen, I do not manage alone. I will ask for it to be delivered.
  3. It's a friend who bought it but he does not get away with it. So he gave it to me. Then I bought the magnum theme that I do not use since I have that one.
  4. Hi, How to put the slider just on the page index.html but not on the other pages?
  5. Hi, I installed it but I have a blank page.
  6. Thx but the problem is that I would like to put the link between two links that I added to the menu
  7. Hello, I will wish to move the Forums link in the menu because it is at the end and I would like to put it in the beginning, thank you.
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