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  1. Hello, I'm using Wordpress now. I love IPB, the platform is very well done, but I find more what I want with Wordpress and the many existing plugins. thank you,
  2. Hello, I have not renewed my license and I no longer use IPB, sorry ... thank you,
  3. Hi there - I purchased your plugin the other day. It's causing issues with topic posts. FORM POSTS DISAPPEAR. After toggling the plugin to DISABLED, the form inside of posts comes back. ANY THOUGHTS?



  4. @JTHastings Do not send it to me in this case. I will contact you by MP for the correction. I will try to correct the problem without the theme.
  5. @JTHastings Yes, but if you can send me a copy of your theme (MP), I'll see if I can fix it and I'll get back to you with that.
  6. Hello @JTHastings, Did you try with the default theme? Is it the same problem with the IPS theme? I'm outside the city right now, I'm looking at it as soon as possible. I'll get back to you quickly with a fix. Thank's,
  7. Very good idea, I'll look at it shortly...
  8. Live demo available here: https://www1.gomemora.com/store Change look of your categories and products and control access to each category
  9. Hi, I already know this, but if I want to create sections adapted to certain groups of users in my "store", I do not want all clients have access to this section blank. I think it is not professional for an online business.
  10. Hello, There is no possibility to set a permissions in the product groups in "commerce" application. All of my clients see the categories of others members. I think the function to add permission for categories in the applications "commerce" is essential. Thank's in advance,
  11. Hello, It would be very interesting to give permissions (by user group) for categories in the "commerce" module. Thank's in advance, Stef
  12. Hello, I have a question for you. Is it possible to import several members from a CSV file or other method? Thank's in advance, Stephane
  13. Custom format work if I use {$fieldValue|raw}But this line of code work for all field. But if i use (for only 1 field) {$row->customFieldDisplayByKey('my_key')|raw}I still have the name of the field: and value... Thank's for your help....
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