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  1. I love this app, can members choose if show the musicbar or not?
  2. thank you for your answer, is there any possibilities to use this "Similar Content" without Tags? I don't like them
  3. anyone know how can show similar topics in my records or article pages?
  4. Hi, I have tried to do it in Free Demo but I can't. In Pages i create Database with Fields and start many Records. Is it a block or template to see in Record Display content related with topics forum? I don't found any blocks or other method to show related topics in record page display Sorry for my english
  5. Hello, I have ibProArcade 4.2.1, with IP.Content homepage, but the scores don't be saved... how can fix this?
  6. Can you make in your demo a slide with a link, so we can test it :)
  7. +1 exactly ... is not possible to fix this? Staff can answer us, if we have to change any file php, or if it is implemented in the future?
  8. Why with IP.Board the Facebook Sharing doesn't work to display the img of the topics? For example here: http://community.inv...50443-test-img/ Facebook displays only the Logo and nothing from the topic and the same thing in all topics. there is a solution to fix this problem? I have attached a screenshot. ***
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