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    Magnum Theme

    Excellent theme, very very swift and brilliant support by TAMAN, definitely going to be making another purchase as he releases more products to the store (his widgets product is great, too). Very customizable as people were saying - I could not believe the amount you can play around with it. All the best, Karl.
    Taman strikes again with a fantastic product that is cost effective (saves a lot of time and money, particularly for non-developers like myself) and works as describes.
  2. Hi So I am wanting to create a new forum. I have been away from the scene for a while, have no particular "buzz" around this idea within a community as of yet, and I'm just playing around with ideas right now. Would people suggest that I open it when I have all my ideas circumvented within the next few months? Or should I open it now, post the material I have, and update it and keep it fresh each month with a new update for the newly established community? Or the last option, which is the one I'm leaning towards right now - open up a demo/test forum that will allow me to play around with templates and modifications until I'm ready for launch, at which point I open up the forums to the public on my primary domain. Which is the best option guys? What are your thoughts? Regards Karl
  3. Such a shame, was thinking of making a purchase! Looks like a neat theme, if only there was some form of demo as well as the support topic being filled with unanswered bugs. Shame!
  4. You could help me create some pages for my website? We are a social enterprise that is lookin to help people sustain employment within the UK.
  5. Any chance this can be upgraded to support 3.3.x?
  6. Is this getting support for IPB 3.3?
  7. Is this not available then mate? I installed the hook from the download link but it just seems to get "Curl Timeout" when I try to link my profile? I'm @ 3.3.1.
  8. Is there any way to make this just display 1 news articles from my news section?
  9. "Like" seems to show up, but just doesn't work. Is this 3.3.x compatible?
  10. <div class='ipsSideBlock'> <h3><img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/comment_new.png' alt='' /> {$this->lang->words['recentposts_title']}</h3> <div class='_sbcollapsable'> <foreach loop="posts:$recentPosts as $post"> <div class='ipsBox_container ipsPad'> {IPSMember::buildProfilePhoto($post['last_poster_id'], 'mini')} <a href='{parse url="showtopic={$post['tid']}&amp;view=getnewpost" base="public" seotitle="{$post['title_seo']}" template="showtopicunread"}'><b>{$post['title']}</b></a> <a href='{parse url="showtopic={$post['tid']}&amp;view=getlastpost" base="public" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$post['title_seo']}"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_last_post']}'>{parse replacement="f_lastpost"}</a> <br/> <if test="forum:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_showforum'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['forum']}: <a href='{parse url="showforum={$post['forum_id']}" base="public" seotitle="{$post['forum_name_seo']}" template="showforum"}'>{$post['forum_name']}</a> <br/> </if> <if test="starterInfo:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_start'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['started_by']}: {IPSMember::makeProfileLink($post['starter_name'], $post['starter_id'], $post['seo_first_name'])}&nbsp;<span class='date'>({$post['start_date']})</span> <br/> </if> <if test="firstPost:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_post'] == 'F'"> {$post['post']} <br/> </if> <if test="views:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_views'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['views']}: {parse format_number="$post['views']"} &nbsp; {$this->lang->words['replies']}: {parse format_number="$post['posts']"} <br/> </if> <if test="lastPostInfo:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_last'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['last_reply']}: {IPSMember::makeProfileLink($post['last_poster_name'], $post['last_poster_id'], $post['seo_last_name'])}&nbsp;<span class='date'>({$post['last_post']})</span> <br/> </if> <if test="lastPost:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_post'] == 'L' and $post['post']"> {$post['post']} </if> </div> </foreach> </div> </div> <br /> That's it for avatars there too. :)
  11. http://internetfreaks.org/forums/ Check out my site. It has the recent posts (this mod) as wlel as the recent topics by IPB. Is there any way for it to display the same font-size, unbolded font? As well as maybe the avatars / profile pictures as the recent topics does?
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