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    This plugin works properly ony if all reactions in forum are positive. As IPS counts all reactions to limit them and plugin counts only positive, you may see in plugin some reactions left to give, but impossible to do it in real.
  1. Is this option implemented in 4.4 ?
  2. In my community I need option to hide club with option to restore it later.
  3. One year ago, I asked in support Then I recived answer After one year, it is still not fixed, getting error 2C350/V Are you guys gonna fix it or not?
  4. Hey developers, may be someone could write an application with this feature? I'll be the first client to buy it (not more then for renew 😄 )
  5. The same is with blog. If you may edit forum post in only, for example 10 minutes, you can not edit your OWN blog after that time. IMHO this composition of edit time an customized edit rights is a rubbish.
  6. Edit time restriction should also be customized like " Can edit own content? " option is. For example, in topic user can edit only in 10 minutes to fix errors, but in own galleries he should have unlimeted time, otherwise he can not add note to image. Discussion in topics differs from presenting own works in gallery.
  7. Its completely silly, but pagination exists on mobile devices, but not on desktops So if you make your browser narrow enought (on desktop), you will see pagination. Strange, really....
  8. Yes, but when mouse cursor is over date string, liitle tip is shown with date and hour of last post. That would do. This idea is also ok. Anyway, you must decide what to do with it, I am only suggesting that sometime knowing hour could be usefull in this log.
  9. Is a tiny update possible, to show not only date in logs, but also hour:minutes, when date of logging was later than week?
    Plugin works in 50% hiding the editor, but no red warning notice is shown. Anyway, hiding the editor is good enough Update: Red warning notice is not shown only when Designers' Mode is active.
  10. kodif

    Black Friday Sale!

    Can I use coupon to add application to existing licence?
  11. Would be great if plugin will limit number of atachment in single post and limit number of links to youtube in single post, as it was in 3.x 20 links in post times 20 post in topic view can ruin browser.
  12. Still checkboxes are missing after switching folders...
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