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Twenty years of Invision Community

Twenty years ago today, Invision Community was founded and within months the first version of Invision Community was released. Little did we know, this would be the start of a remarkable journey spanning several decades.

Our first version appeared shortly after we founded the company. It might be hard to imagine a time before social media and YouTube, but when we started out, the web looked very different.


The first version of Invision Community was called Invision Board, reflecting the popular term for forums back in the early 2000s. It was full featured and you may recognise some elements that persist today.

Like today, it even had a separate control panel where you could create new areas of discussion and customise the theme.


Twenty years is a long time and we've continued to adapt with the ever-changing needs of community managers. We've seen the rise of social media impact how people consume content and found ways to compliment Twitter and Facebook by offering a place for long-form permanent discussion.

Several elements remain from those early days but the concepts behind the theme have change significantly. New workflows, UI elements and views have helped the platform stay fresh and we've certainly innovated a few features that have since become industry standard over that time.

I can't express how proud I am of what we've built together. From those humble beginnings working until 2am to growing a creative and talented team around our passion for community.

I'm still as excited today as I was back in 2002. This year will see us build and release new tools to help guide and inform community managers. Our community platform continues to go from strength to strength.

Of course, the platform is only one part of Invision Community. Over the last twenty years I've been grateful to get to know many of you and watch your lives unfold.

This is as pure as community can get and I'm privileged to be part of it.

We have a few other surprises to celebrate our twentieth anniversary. We can't wait to share them!

I'd love to hear your memories of Invision Community! When did you first use our products and what was your community for? Please let me know in the comments below.


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17 hours ago, Shehi said:

Noone is reminiscing about poor IkonBoard 😄 

I did sorta….back in the very early 2000’s, Ikonboard was the best choice for Board/Discussion Forum software…for me…IMO. I used it from 2002-2015. Of course I was pigheaded, and hate change, and hung on WAY TOO long.

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What a journey! Though I must say I miss the modding scene from back in the day, mods like ArmySystem not being available now makes me sad.

And now with flash gone, no more arcade mods.

I also dearly miss the skins made by Kim of SkinByDragonfly.

I first started with 1.3 IIRC. 2.1.7 was my favourite version 🙂

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I'd also like to share... Our board started in 1999 we had been on a number of sites like Microsoft Front Page forum, Ultimate Bulletin Board, Simple Machines among some others.  Myself and others that helped on the site looked for a new home after we had problems with Simple Machines   

Our selection was Invision



It's hard to believe that was almost 11 years ago.  Of all the decisions around my website and message board in 23 years, going to Invision was the best.  It's the longest this old site has been on any one service/program.  Love it.

Thank you Invision!


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On 2/25/2022 at 4:25 AM, tidyhost said:

And now with flash gone, no more arcade mods.

I really miss playing some of those atrocious games in a nostalgic way 🙂 

Still have this one ticking away.....
529878487_ScreenShot2022-03-13at12_59_51am.thumb.png.a3bb65048d8e58e7cf686da53017e37b.pngold one

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As my own forum was created in 1999 and has been in IP for the vast majority of that it has been a great journey. 

To be honest I only need to return here these days when things go wrong and then I realise I have lapsed..... 

So $150 on its way, despite the fact that I only use the forums and can't not renew the other elements. I am not even sure if I could swap it to one of my fifteen unused licences!! 

Just one question @Matt - where is cleancut? 🤣  

Edited by .Ian
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