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Tags are a powerful feature in IPS Community Suite 4 and we have seen clients using them in many ways to enhance content discovery on their site. Adding tags to an item is quite easy but modifying them after the fact requires you to edit the root content item. Not only is this tedious but it also then shows an edited-by line for that item even if all you did was change a tag.

To make this process more user friendly we now have the ability to quickly edit tags when viewing any content item. When you view an item that has tags enabled and you have permission to edit then you will see a link to edit tags.

Example Topic - A Test Forum - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-13 dacjt.png

Tag Quick Edit

That brings up an input box where you can manage your item tags without leaving the page to a full edit screen.

Example Topic - A Test Forum - IPS Community Suite 2016-11-13 obic6.png

Tag Quick Edit Input

We have been testing the feature for a few weeks internally and it has already saved us time as we tag our discussions. But beyond that, and I think more important, is the fact that we find we are using tags more often. More use means more organization and filter possibilities of your content which is a great thing for busy, data-drive communities.

So we hope that not only will controlling your tags be faster an easier but you too find you use the tagging feature more often with this small but useful change.


This change will be in version 4.1.17 which is scheduled to be released in early December 2016.



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38 minutes ago, Joel R said:

I think it would be cleaner and more comprehensive to use a phrase like "Manage Tags" (which can encompass both adding or editing tags) instead of strictly "+Add Tags," which I think is slightly misleading.  

Also: fa-tags

It only says 'add tags' when there are no existing tags :) 

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This is great and tags are great because clicking on them brings up a page with relevant content. However, if you shut off the search system for guests they will not see the output and be asked to login. This is fine, but when it comes to search engines I think its a bit of an issue. Would be good to have an option for some kind of static page or the ability to shut off search for guests but allow the output from clicking on tags only to show. 

I posted about this here: 


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I don't see this option on forum or downloads.  Is there a permisiion setting...typing tags into acp search doesn't bring up any new option.  I'm trying as admin who has previous permissions.  I also tried default theme.  Where is it?

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