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New: SEO Improvements

This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release.

Improving your SEO can be a complex undertaking with many different approaches but there are things that everyone knows are good practice and also more modern approaches to SEO that have changed since we first started developing IPS Community Suite. So it was time for a review and update.

Unfortunately no pretty screenshots on this one as this is all behind the scenes stuff but still quite useful to know :). Also, some of this may sound a bit technical and dry but feel free to search some of these technologies if you are curious.

  • Move from HTML structured data to JSON-LD and enhance our existing markup with sensible additions.
  • Calendar, blog, forum and pages (articles) data marked up for rich snippets.
  • General review of our schema.org markup and enhance where appropriate. Use sitelinks search and other sensible markup such as the website and logo markup.
  • Allow administrators to specify social profile links in the AdminCP which we then show links to in the footer and also make available in schema.org markup.
  • Fix many duplicate page title issues.
  • Review and ensure nofollow/noindex tags are used in appropriate areas.
  • Add item tags as HTML meta tags
  • Adding <link rel="next" value="next page url"> helps search engines know next/previous page.


Nothing like a bulleted list of items to get you excited! But really these should be welcome improvements to all.




Recommended Comments

  • Fix many duplicate page title issues.

There are also duplicate Meta Descriptions along with it in paginated content. I hope it will be addressed too. I think just adding the page number will solve it.

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7 hours ago, Edward Shephard said:

Could you update the sitemap so that it sets the <lastmod> and <changefreq> tags please.

Google doesn't care about them these days, Yoast SEO also removed that feature which is not necessary

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Nice to see you are improving seo. Please remember to improve your robots.txt file as the default file is missing quite a few urls that we don't want indexed in google and can have a negative impact in seo.


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Looking forward to these SEO changes. Would be great to see CSS and JS combined into one file for each within the output.

Also some dynamic injection of keywords for sites and engines that still use them.

Hopefully Adding <link rel="next" value="next page url"> is similar to:


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4 hours ago, espacemusculation said:


Listen to me :

The best thing to do for the SEO and for the IPB community is to put an option to put an article "rel =" noindex "if there is not an answer.


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