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New: Member History

This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release

In previous versions of IPS Community Suite we have had an account history feature in our Commerce application. This feature showed many important actions that may be relevant to the customer such as when an invoice was generated or when a customer changed their account details.

In IPS Community Suite 4.2 we have expanded this functionality and moved it into the core functionality of the suite.


Member History Member Overview

Member actions that will be logged include (but are not limited to)

  • Email address change
  • Display name change
  • Password change
  • Account merge
  • Primary group change (The reason will be shown when triggered by an automatic group promotion)
  • Secondary group change
  • Flagged/Unflagged as spammer
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Enable / Disable / Opt-out)
  • Social media (Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google, Twitter, IPS Connect) for enabling, disabling and which (if any) were used to register an account.

The Commerce customer account page will now show actions that may be related with a transaction or account.


Member History on the Commerce customer view


Each action is also discoverable via the IP Address tools built into IPS Community Suite 4


Member History in IP Search

We’ve also made the data table filterable


Member History Search

Notes for developers:

  • The new Member History system has been designed with interoperability in mind. In IPS Community Suite 4.2 you will be able to integrate your own applications into this system.
  • Member History replaces the display name changes system.

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