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Theme Tip: Twitter Embed Block

Several clients have asked how we placed the Twitter feed block on the sidebar of our News page. It's really quite easy and a great demo of how you can place custom HTML in our system. Here is how it was done:

  1. Get the embed code from Twitter
  2. Create a custom HTML block in our Pages app
  3. Drag and drop that block into the sidebar

That really is it! Here is a video walkthrough:

This is a basic example of a custom HTML block that you can use in so many different ways. You could create a "call to action" the only shows to Guests to get them to register. You might also create text that only displays to your staff with quick links to areas they need.

Here we demo dragging the block into the sidebar. You can also put blocks right in theme templates and use them in many more ways. That will be covered in future theme tips.

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