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  1. Facebook Page

  2. PM Notifications

    Have just come across this thread via one of AndyF's posts. So... are IPS looking into having the older, cleaner popup notification return?
  3. Facebook Page

  4. phpMyAdmin

    Is that the reason why the backup isn't working? How do I update the PHP version? Bear in mind... I don't normally get involved with this side of things. I just deal with front of house stuff :whistle:
  5. phpMyAdmin

    I'm running phpMyAdmin 2.11.0. When I log onto phpMyAdmin, at the bottom, I'm presented with the following warning... Firstly, how do I sort that... or does it not matter? Secondly, when I click on Export and then click on Go, the next page to display is "This page cannot be displayed" so for some reason, I'm unable to download a backup. Do you know why this may be? Is it because I'm running an old(er) version of phpMyAdmin?
  6. Member Map

    Ahhh I knew that :blush:
  7. Member Map

    Coolio! :thumbsup: And one more thing... can the default markers be changed, those being mine (Administrator - blue blob with a house) and the members (red blob)?
  8. Member Map

    Does it also work like a normal Google map in being able to add locations of different places (e.g. event locations)? And if that is possible, can different markers be created to differentiate between forum member locations and event locations?
  9. Member Map

    Installed and looking ok so far :) Obviously the more members who add their location, the wider the map zooms out?
  10. Member Map

    Thanking. I'll have it installed soon then :)
  11. [HQ] Mass PM

    Who are you asking that to... me? If so, the bbcode and links do not work.
  12. Member Map

    I'm running 3.0.3 and will be soon upgrading to 3.1.x. Will this modification work on both versions... without any problems (as mentioned above)? Also, is there a way to limit the zoom-ability... if that's a word because some people will get funny about the map actually showing where people live and not just pinpoint to an area. Or is that not possible?
  13. Pinned topics

    Correct. However, it's a little harder to differentiate between the Pinned and normal threads... even with the Pinned prefix.
  14. Pinned topics

    Agreed. Otherwise, why have the Pinned feature.
  15. Sign In

    I see. I have the login thing provided by Michael/InvisionModding/CodersRefuge, which I and members do like so "maybe" this will go once I upgrade.