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  1. Hi guys Getting quite a few emails from new joiners who are saying the 'Validate my Email address' button isn't working. Some are able to get it on the second send. Just wondering how or where to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  2. thanks guys, in the end we just created an html element via js loaded via google tag manager - or so they tell me!
  3. Search is not pulling anything up, but maybe someone is aware of such a feature or more likely a plugin? Just the standard button seen on desktop and mobile to ping the user up to the top. Thanks
  4. Hey Ehren I changed the global setting for Return Key Behavior back to start new paragraph. Seems it wasn't a copy/paste issue, it's just when Return Key Behavior = Go to next line, you can't add any white space between paragraphs. I guess this is to prevent lots of white space?
  5. Hi all Recently set it to Return Key Behavior = Go to next line (as requested by users). Seems to be an issue with pasting text and the spaces between paragraphs. Even when copying and pasting from notepad (ie no rich text). Example: In editor it looks fine: But when the post is shown on the front, the spaces are lost: This particular member is very passionate about the spaces here! Any ideas how to fix this? (i tried a new post with the content coming from notepad, definitely seems to be an issue with pasting text) Thanks Darren
  6. Hi guys I've searched everywhere but can't seem to figure out where I can disable the double / 1.5 line spacing when hitting Enter to start a new line - is this even configurable? I personally like the way this works, but out forum users are so old skool that anything away from the norm is frustrating to them! I know you can hit SHIFT+ENTER to avoid double spacing, but ideally this can be default. Thanks
  7. Thanks again Davyc, will get this uploaded right away!
  8. Hi guys Is there a tool or plugin for automatically flagging posts for moderation that contain certain words? For example, we're based in Thailand, so anything said about the King or Royal Family is a big no-no, and we need to moderate every post that contains the word 'King'. I cant see anything in the Auto Content Moderation settings that would let me add a list of words to auto flag when used - or am I missing something!? Thanks
  9. I can't find the option to disable outbound links in the member group attributes or in the setup guide. Is this possible? Perhaps only let those members who've reached level 3 membership status to post outbound links? Otherwise, it's just the mods constantly deleting them! Thanks and sorry if i missed
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