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  1. While you seem flabbergasted by the notion that your opinion is not the only one and your "solution" to the scenario described makes no sense from a DB data perspective.
  2. No, it's "questionable" to you. Am I missing something here? Are you an unidentified IP staff member or something and that is why you are being so argumentative about a suggestion that you're not even interested in? 🤔
  3. This is silly; I'm suggesting a really minor enhancement to features that already exist. Really, it's just a natural extension of the existing offerings. I gave a suggestion and gave an example scenario; if you don't see the benefit of such an enhancement then great, your data needs & usage are different from mine, but I, and I suspect others, would welcome the enhancement even if you don't. (So is this how suggestions are usually responded to in the IP community? Yikes!😳)
  4. As mentioned, those types of groupings is a natural fit for a wiki type database using categories. Having to create several wiki databases, instead of using categories, just to accommodate being able to link to them, is a far more ugly approach then having an optional category selector when defining the DB link.
  5. In Pages Databases the ability to use a "Database Relationship" as a field type is excellent but it would be really nice if it could be taken one step further and allow for an optional category from the linked DB to selected. By allowing a DB to use categories to group records together (combined with allowing form fields per category) it allows for some really nice organization for potentially large databases but when that database is then used as a foreign relationship field in a second DB then that organization is a lost a bit. To expand upon that in an example scenario, let's say that you create a database configured as a wiki with the focus being dining in NYC (again this is just an example scenario). In that wiki you then use categories to group records together into different categories such as restaurants, chefs, suppliers, and locations. You then create a second database that will be used for recipes. In that second DB for recipes you want to include optional fields for "Created by Chef" and/or "Restaurant First Served At". The possible answers for those fields just happen to already exist in your first wiki database in the categories "chefs" and "restaurants". Great, now you can cross link the recipes to the pertinent entries in your wiki! Unfortunately though when the database relationship field is created you can't specify to restrict the choices from within the "chefs" category or the "restaurants" category, instead all records from the wiki database become valid responses. 😞
  6. Holy.... I can't even begin to clarify how much this was frustrating me. As a new IPS customer but a long (long, long, very long) time forum admin & user, never would I have guessed at clicking on the those icons in order to go to the first new unread post. Is this behavior still applicable to the current 4.4.8 release? No ACP option or anything so that the default behavior of clicking on a post title goes to the 1st new post? Anybody know if the plugin linked above is universal, meaning that it'll work in all spots where the thread title may be linked?
  7. @beats23 Did you ever find a solution for this? Running a photography site on a different forum platform our experience is the same, that members prefer to simply attach their photos to forum posts instead of going through the gallery. On that platform I'm using a bespoke add-on to display the EXIF data but am curious if there is an IPS solution to do the same task.
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