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  1. I am having issues with the Discord log in page. I have set up the integration with a Discord bot but whenever I attempt to "Login With Discord" on the account settings page, I get an error that reads "Invalid OAuth2 redirect_url" I have experimented with the website settings, Discord bot settings, and researched but I can't find anything helpful. I'll leave a few screenshots below of the issue. https://prnt.sc/1avjtoy https://prnt.sc/1avjwb1 Thank you in advance.
  2. Ok thank you. And then how do you clear your own name history or let others clear their name history?
  3. Hello, I recently purchased my Invision site and am about to release it to my members. However, I ran into an issue. We use identifiers which are required to be in your display name, the issue is that only admins can change others' display names and their own display names as well. The members themselves don't have permission to change their own display names. If anyone can help me with this or show me how to enable it, that would be much appreciated. Thank You
  4. Hello, I purchased an Invision site a few days ago and am ready to use my own, custom domian. When I purchased the site, I chose "Decide Later" when it gave me the option to use my own domian vs an Inivision domain. I already have my URL purchased through GoDaddy. I couldn't find any information about the CNAME or anything within the Admin CP. I saw somewhere in a forum, that I needed to open a support ticket to obtain my CNAME information and any other info needed for the domain. If someone can reply, I can give more information. Thank You, Garrett G.
    Hello... I just bought this and I was having trouble installing it. I am brand new to In ision Community and have no idea what I am doing so if someone could please walk me through how to install and set it up that would be much appreciated. (I am also using this with the Villan theme from IPS Focus).
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