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  1. And how does this help? Sorting by last update is the most logical way. It's set as default method because it's the most logical. But files popping up every time you change 1 word is neither logical nor user-friendly. I have to add a message every time I edit a file description because users think there's something new there. It's easily avoidable by adding a switch when you edit a file.
  2. Hi! It's an issue I'm having for a long time and it would be great if you'd do something about it. The problem is that downloads are promoted to the first page every time they are edited. If you don't want that to happen there's nothing you can do about it. If you want to change some text but don't want an item to update it's position it's very unfriendly. As with adding those items as hidden, this would only need a switch while editing which would let you choose if you want to update them or you just want to edit them without them being promoted to the first page of their category. Thank you!
  3. Not a bad idea if you're and administrator. Sounds not that good if it's a user-generated content website. I can't tell my users to use a hidden category that is not hidden for everyone so this function is needed.
  4. Hi! There's a function when adding an article or even a blog that allows to add them as hidden/not published. For some reason it's not the case when adding a download item and either you need to add it with full description or you need to publish it and then set hidden which is a strange way to handle content on someone's website. So it would be great to be able to add a file as hidden, just a tiny switch when adding a downloads item would be perfect. Thanks 😉
  5. Hi! I own a file-centric website where I publish translations for game modifications. What I'd like to do is to add a short description to category page so instead of taking a text from the main block it would display a short description. There's custom fields in Invision and text field would fit just well. Is there any chance I could display it outside of file pages?
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