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  1. Esther recently completed a large project for me and I couldn't be happier with both the end result and the overall experience. I had actually proposed my idea to 3 different developers, but she was the only one who took the time to not only fully understand the vision, but asked questions and offered suggestions for improvement. And that was maintained throughout the entire process. Whenever I had a question or concern, it was promptly answered. When the inevitable bug was found during testing, that was also quickly taken care of. She works on several projects at a time, but you feel like you're the only client. The bottom line is this: Esther does amazing work. If you're in need of an IPS developer, you won't find a better choice!
  2. I think you misunderstood what I wrote. That was all in reference to allowing further enhancements for members to sell and receive funds -- not me the site owner. Right now members have the ability to only sell files. Having the ability to sell physical products would be an improvement. The only way to currently do that is thru a 3rd party app. As for Stripe - yes, I know full well Stripe is already supported. I said let's implement Stripe Connect for community sellers, which allows for a much smoother experience when sales are made. Right now, a member sells a file, all the funds go to you and then have to withdraw it using the withdrawal feature. It's tedious. And it can even cause trust issues. But with Stripe Connect, a member makes a sale and the money goes instantly to them.
  3. I think Commerce is one of the most useful features in IPB. And I love the fact that it allows for community members the opportunity to upload files that they can sell and make money from. However, in the future, I see two nice ways to improve upon this and take it to the next level. 1) Allowing the sale of physical items as well. Yes there are 3rd party plugins that can be used for that right now, but it would be great if it were just apart of IPB. 2) Stripe Connect! Right now, when a member sells a file, it's too much of a tedious process to get their money. It goes into their account as credit and they have to withdraw it. And for people like me who don't enjoy using PayPal, it discourages me from even allowing my members to sell anything. However, an implementation of Stripe Connect would allow for a much smoother experience on both ends. A sale is made and the member instantly gets their money. And I'd recommend utilizing the easiest method of the 'Standard' account type - https://stripe.com/connect/account-types which simply adds a button into a common sense designated area that via oAUTH, they quickly create a Stripe account, connect it to yours and they're redirected right back. Very simple and just nicer. Just my two cents.
    This is a well made theme front to back. I'd imagine that all themes made by this author are as well. He's always willing to support with any issues too.
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