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  1. Hello. I am the license owner and Stranger2.0 is my authorized agent and developer. So to be totally "legal" as to tour requirements, I am reposting his original request for you to respond. Thank you.
    I have to agree with everything MysticStyle stated. I fell in love with this theme. Absolutely loved it. And I used it until the 4.3 upgrade. Why? Because it does not work, but I am certain someday they will get it in sync. Support. I have experienced the same thing. No response, vague response, or a blow off. Now I may expect that from something free I guess, but I paid $30. And as mystic stated, "Have a backup theme". Thankfully I did which is what I am using now. It is sad, because such an awesome looking theme is so plagued with bugs and lack of decent support, I will not be using this theme again. The creator stated something that he is busy with school or something and is sorry. Well I am busy too. Yet, I honor my commitments, especially when people paid me to do so. I gave a one star because to me, timely support is everything. The most beautiful theme in the world is worthless to me if it does not work or do what I need it to do. And having to beg for support and then getting little or no support, except promises, well zero stars was not an option. =------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/28 Further thoughts. I realize that I may have been hard on the rating. For the theme design I totally rate it a 5, because as I said I love the theme. I am certain they will get it all worked out at some point. But I still agree that it is always good to have a backup theme anyway. That is just a smart thing to do. . So therefore, in good conscious, I have to raise my rating to a three anyway because the theme design is awesome.
    Love this plug in. Clear and simple.
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