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  1. ​When we can expect an offical announcement ?
  2. ​It's almost stable you can go with it.However new version 4.0.5 is coming tomorrow i suggest you to wait for it.
  3. Hello Community, I'd like to say that IPS4 is getting better on each update .The first thing that i've noted is the fast perfomance at here that's a step ahead.Can't wait to convert my existing forum to IPS4 really good job. Regards
  4. Also activity feed isn't working too.It doesn't shows anything.
  5. ​In the Dashboard of admin it says there are no background proccess.
  6. I've done both already maybe search index will need some time?
  7. Hello, I've upgraded my IPB community to 4.0.2 however,search isn't working nothing will be found.Does anybody know a fix for this ? Regards
  8. Hello, Since i purchased IPB i'm only having errors.Nothing went without errors today i've installed IPB 3.4.7 (multiple times) and couldn't login in the admin area.Please i'd be happy if i got a refund. @Lindy can you help me please ? 150 $ of the amount would be ok.IPB was just installed for testing and it would be bad if the license will sold or don't used. Regards
  9. Hello, I'd like to redirect old links of my previous xenforo 1.4.5 installation how should the content of .htaccess be ? I've transfarred all data from my old forum with content to new IPS4 installation and would like to redirect from old site to new site with 301. Regards
  10. ​Ok thank you will wait for it.
  11. Stuart Silvester will this problem fixed today ? So i can start.
  12. Thank you i guess there's something with the servers wrong.
  13. Same issue here. I lost much time of it the upgrade could already been finished.Have to wait till it is resolved.
  14. No i don't want to use from him i've my own license just wanted to ask if he has the same issue.
  15. Hello, Today i've tried to download IPB 3.4.7 from Client Area many times but it isn't working just loading.Would be happy if its get solved today. Regards
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