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  1. This message can be changed in the acp. Search for headline_become_verified_desc in your translations and change it to whatever you want.
  2. Yes, the plugin is almost finished. I can share the latest version with you. How is the best way for you to get the file?
  3. Okay, thank you. Is there any chance the fix will be included in the next release?
  4. Hi, can you tell me whether this fix is included in the latest BETA (4.6.0 Beta 1)? I can not find anything about read markers in the release notes. Or will a fix not be included in the next release?
  5. Hello, I am currently working on a new plugin that provides content items without any container. I followed your docs to implement read markers (https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/fundamentals/content-items/implementing-read-markers-in-content-items-r95/) but when I go to /discover/unread/ I get the following error: The error comes from an invalid created array when a content item has no containerId in the `core_item_markers.item_app_key_1` column in the database. Can you please provide a fix for that or is it not possible to create content items without read markers?
  6. Please read the plugin description: That's what the plugin does. Only the "verification group icon" will be displayed automatically.
  7. Sorry, but you misunderstood me. I only wanted to know if you use Amazon S3 as file system to figure out if it was a file system issue or something else. What theme do you use? When you use a custom theme and several blocks are overwritten, then the hooks maybe does not work. I can only support the default theme or any theme that uses the standard blocks and attributes. I also checked the latest plugin version and everything is working: Please provide me more information - otherwise I am not able to help you. But don't tell others the plugin would be a fake!
  8. This means to me that there is an existing issue with the file storage implementation? Why does the image in the "preview" work but not in the moderator panel? Can you provide me both path to the image that the application tried to load? Or is everything fine now?
  9. Ah, okay. So you use the local file system to store files or another one? I need as much information as possible to reproduce the issue. Please send me as much information as you can in a private message. Then I will try to find out what's going wrong here.
  10. Does the solution from the other users' review help (setting the file management to S3)?
  11. Can you please look for loading errors in the dev console? I think it's a permission issue on your server.
  12. Hi, can you please verify that the images can be found on the file system? Maybe it's a permission or upload issue.
  13. It does not make sense to include all groups b/c then all members would be verified. If you only want to allow specific groups to use the functionality then use the configuration "Gruppen" at the bottom. The options for primary and secondary group is there to tell the system whether to display a member of these groups as verified or not.
  14. You did not select a secondary group or primary group. That's required. Only when a user is member of one of the selected groups the icon will be displayed.
  15. Did you create the token like described in the description?
  16. It should work with the lastest version. The latest plugin version now uses version 8. of the Graph API from Facebook. Do you have problems? Error messages are logged to the ACP.
  17. The icon is only displayed when a user has been verified or if.you configured other icons and related them to users. Did you configure everything? Which icon do you want to display? Then I can check it in my installation
  18. Will there be any documentation about how to use the GraphQL API or a tool like GraphQL Explorer to test queries out?
  19. Where can I find the username / password to test the ACP?
  20. Correct. The plugin also provides a complete page with all posts and bigger images + comment from instagram.
  21. It does not show the profile image. It shows the image from Instagram. When you click on it you will be redirected to post on Instagram.
  22. I think my screenshots also show images from Instagram & Facebook. It's possible. If something is missing please tell me.
  23. Everything is possible 😉 But a complete formbuilder needs really much time... I will think it over.
  24. Okay, if I understand you correctly: you need a form that you can build yourself by clicking things together and the user has to fill in several fields to become verified? Maybe you should better use a "formbuilder" plugin?
  25. Thank you for your feedback. So nothing more to do for me. It should be enough to send me a link of your community. Please also provide me the information about one user who should be displayed as verified. You can send me a private message with that information.
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