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  1. Is there any way to make a profile field visible and editable only to a certain group?
  2. I have to merge two IPS4 boards (well, more precisely, one is a 3.4 yet to be updated), is there any way to proceed with this?
  3. yeah, you are right, when other people post in the topic and you don't refresh, it opens links in the newer posts in the same page, it is report worthy.
  4. Ok, this is strange, it does appears that right after posting a link, the rel="external" isn't present, but if you reload the page it's there, this has betrayed me in thinking it wasn't there... Sorry for the useless thread, I guess. P.s.: I guess the chances of an user clicking on his own links after posting them are low, so I'm undecided to open a report for this, dunno.
  5. Then it is a bug, since it was already active
  6. Welp, it doesn't function for me here, it is probably a browser thing... but since I have to put in account all browsers, a target="_blank" would be the safest way to achieve this. Tested Firefox (with addons): Opens in the same tab IE (pristine installation): Opens in the same tab Google Chrome (pristine installation): Opens in another tab... so I guess it's a Chrome feature?
  7. Bizarre, that is not the case with my site (I even checked the source code of the text in the editor), I should report it as a bug? Testin' here Google
  8. Hello, as most of us know, to let a link to an external site open in the same window where the user is browsing our site is bad SEO practice, couldn't a target="_blank" be put in the editor Link code? I don't know if it's possible to recognize between external sites' links and ours, but that would be a great addition to IPS4.
  9. Writing code is not a viable solution, since I have the need to hot-swap (change quickly) some blocks in that area and changing the code every time would be absurd. e.g. I usually have a carousel for the news but on some occasions I would like to put a twitch stream or a youtube video in its place.
  10. Pardon, I clearly expressed myself badly, I was actually referring to what is called "Margin" in the image options that pop-up when you double click the image in the editor which is, in CSS border: 1px solid #e2e2e2; But I don't want to remove this feature altogether by changing this parameter on the custom.css, I just want to put the default option to 0
  11. Currently, all images embedded in a post are set automatically with a margin of 1px, and changing it everytime can be tedious, how can I solve this?
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