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  1. We need the ability to have items in the store only available to club members. Is that something possible currently (I wasn't able to find a way) or can it possibly be integrated into a future release?
  2. I accomplished this with the following (probably really bad) code: <div class="ipsTrophy-postbit-container ipsType_center"> {{foreach $items AS $trophy}} {{if $trophy->item->name_seo == "winterfest"}} {$trophy->item->getItemImage('trophy_trophyicon ipsTrophy-postbit-bit', 2, TRUE)|raw} {{endif}} {{endforeach}} {{foreach $items AS $trophy}} {{if $trophy->item->name_seo == "summerjam"}} {$trophy->item->getItemImage('trophy_trophyicon ipsTrophy-postbit-bit', 2, TRUE)|raw} {{endif}} {{endforeach}} {{foreach $items AS $trophy}} {{if $trophy->item->name_seo != "winterfest" and $trophy->item->name_seo != "summerjam"}} {$trophy->item->getItemImage('trophy_trophyicon ipsTrophy-postbit-bit', 2, TRUE)|raw} {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </div> I know PHP moderately well but I don't know IPS templating very well so this seemed like the easiest way even if its inefficient.
  3. I'd even be happy being able to change them to show in a descending order instead. Edit: I accomplished this by doing: {{$items = array_reverse($items);}} Would still definitely be nice to have a sort option in admincp.
  4. Another feature request: The ability to order medals. Eg. I always want winterfest first, summerjam second, and then the other smaller medals in whatever order they are achieved.
  5. By the way, I killed the legend by adding this to CSS: legend.ipsType_center a[href*="node_trophies_TrophiesAndMedals"] { display: none; }
  6. Could you also do size and position per medal? For example we have this: Currently this is all controlled by adding people to various secondary groups (one group is SummerJam, one group is Winterfest, and then we have a group that is just one of the bottom icons, another group that is two of them, and another group that is three of them) so obviously our groups setup is a convoluted mess. Obviously the bottom three icons are easily done as medals, but the two wider ones aren't going to work. I'd also like to not have the "Trophies and Medals" heading under the user, either.
  7. Just ordered this (under the primary account for our site - I'm just a secondary admin) and can't wait to implement. Until now we'd just been using secondary groups with badges, adding people to secondary groups for various things just to give them the badge. Looking forward to cleaning that entire process up!
  8. Just purchased this. To be honest I bought it more to use as a code example than for its intended purpose ?
  9. I completely agree with the above bolded quote, but it also seems to be one of the most difficult to get your head around.
  10. This is fantastic! A great way to get started. I think the most confusing part of Pages though is databases. How they work, what content they contain, how you put content into a database, etc. Would you be able to do a follow-up?
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