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  1. Thanks for reporting! I'll look into fixing it either way. New version will be released within the next couple of weeks!
    Most justified 15$ I've spent lately. Thanks for a fantastic plugin.
  2. Yeah sure. I checked and pm message works fine for us but status update no send to news members.
  3. Big thank! just Auto Status Update does not work now..
  4. Contact me via pm with the necessary info to access your forums, otherwise I can't help.
  5. Clear your browser cache, it should be somewhere under your browser settings.
  6. @bcro I've installed and tested this on and it seems to work. I suggest you clear cache and reinstall, otherwise you are welcome to contact me via pm and I'll try to provide personal support.
  7. I'm still at 4.1.5 which worked last I checked. I will update my dev system today, then I should be able to assist
  8. They changed the storage method of uploads, such that the old, "long", urls are converted to the "short" ones. Imagine the amount of bytes saved
  9. The storage extension used when uploading the images. should be something like 'AppName_ExtensionClass'. You can try finding the file where the upload field is created, that'll tell you the storage extension right away, as its used in the 'options' array.
  10. Have you tried this one? \IPS\File::get( $storageExtension, $url )->url;
  11. The new update is out. Sorry for the delay, been a little busy Bug Fixes: img BBCode format fixed to [img=img_link][/img] Button is no longer aimlessly attached to the popup template. New Features: Preview popup can be resized. Toggle BBCode and resize functionality from plugin settings.
  12. Yeah, you always knew how to get me workin' I am adding window-resize capabilities to the next update as well. As @ehku said, the button should still be there, even after the upgrade. Try uninstalling the plugin altogether and installing fresh!
  13. Yup, I'll make an update today. It will still require an end tag though: [img=http://i.imgbox.com/15NcVmeY.jpg][/img] I appreciate the thought, but it never occurred to me to collect donations for this plugin
  14. Since I am not running 'Pages' app on my dev system, I can't tell for sure yet, but I'll definitely take a look and see if it can be done
  15. Well that shouldn't happen, of course! Would you mind contacting me via pm with the necessary info? I ran some tests and noticed that sometimes the focus on the dummy editor doesn't seem to work, so it doesn't even attempt to load the editor. I'm uploading an update which should force the editor open, in case it fails to do so on its own. Try and see if it solves your issue as well.
  16. Doubt much concern was given to it You CAN go to 'topic' template and change it: {{if $topic->container()->forums_bitoptions['bw_enable_answers']}} <a href='#replyForm' class='ipsButton {{if $topic->locked()}}ipsButton_negative{{else}}ipsButton_important{{endif}} ipsButton_medium ipsButton_fullWidth' data-action='replyToTopic'>{lang="answer_this_question"}{{if $topic->locked()}} ({lang="locked"}){{endif}}</a> {{else}} <a href='#replyForm' class='ipsButton {{if $topic->locked()}}ipsButton_negative{{else}}ipsButton_important{{endif}} ipsButton_medium ipsButton_fullWidth' data-action='replyToTopic'>{lang="reply_to_this_topic"}{{if $topic->locked()}} ({lang="locked"}){{endif}}</a> {{endif}} Find this little segment.. You want to edit in the 'ipsResponsive_hidePhone' CSS class onto both of the <a href...> elements, so the above bit should look like this: {{if $topic->container()->forums_bitoptions['bw_enable_answers']}} <a href='#replyForm' class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsButton {{if $topic->locked()}}ipsButton_negative{{else}}ipsButton_important{{endif}} ipsButton_medium ipsButton_fullWidth' data-action='replyToTopic'>{lang="answer_this_question"}{{if $topic->locked()}} ({lang="locked"}){{endif}}</a> {{else}} <a href='#replyForm' class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsButton {{if $topic->locked()}}ipsButton_negative{{else}}ipsButton_important{{endif}} ipsButton_medium ipsButton_fullWidth' data-action='replyToTopic'>{lang="reply_to_this_topic"}{{if $topic->locked()}} ({lang="locked"}){{endif}}</a> {{endif}} Pretty sure that should do it!
  17. Ooo yeah I just checked the template.. Try when logged out, or not on an admin account, at least. The topic template tests for special permissions before it determines whether to hide the toolList on the phone or not, so a regular member shouldn't be able to see that button there..
  18. Not sure I know what that means XD" Care to be more specific?
  19. Yeah it's a CSS class. Since over here the tool-list has the '.ipsResponsive_hidePhone' class on it, it's hidden for mobiles devices. Check your theme/template
  20. It actually requires a plugin, because the \IPS\Member 'get_name' method returns a string with 'Guest' at the start.. You could run a PHP replace from within the 'UserLink' template, but that could cause problems for people actually trying to use that word in the name Anyway here's a quick plugin that overrides the 'get_name' method and returns an "unprefixed" name: Remove Guest Prefix.xml EDIT: Another simple alternative would probably be to translate the 'guest_name_shown' lang string as an empty string, but that wouldn't remove the space character I guess
  21. Once you set 'aspect ratio is square?' to 'No' the crop of images to squares will have no effect in most places Edit: for instance:
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