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  1. Do you (or anyone) know of a live site with membership options so I can see how they work? Thanks.
  2. Thank you I will try again as this is what was said in a ticket from a few days ago... Unfortunately we do not allow the swapping of packages within the system at the present time.
  3. I too would like to not have to pay to renew a feature that I no longer use. If I later decide I want it then I would be fine paying full price. As far as subscriptions without e-commerce that is the #1 feature I would like. I don't need the entire store functionality. For smaller forums that only generate a small number of subscriptions, it is almost not even worth it to pay for ecomm.
  4. Is it possible to keep the emoji window open so you can select multiples at once? Thank you.
  5. Facebook has become this scary entity that has really swallowed up communities. I see new groups pop up on Facebook that eclipse forum communities in both membership and activity. BUT... most activity on Facebook is a flash-in-the-pan. Discussions I see are quick thoughts or image posts with little content that get some quick likes then fade. Any meaningful communication can get buried quickly. With forum communities old convos can rise back to the top and active threads can keep going. All these people putting time into building communities on Facebook are doing it for someone else! You don't own your data, can't predict changes in the system, or even build what you want. It is something that has grown out of convenience.
  6. Until there is a bridge for Wordpress/IP4 then I am stuck on 3! Please develop a plugin that syncs with Wordpress.
  7. Unfortunately I can only like this post once.
  8. that was it! took about 24 hours for everything to show up. thank you!
  9. any idea on how to fix this? after upgrading from 3 to 4 all previous youtube embeds just show up as links.
  10. That was easy and worked smoothly! Thanks.
  11. That doesn't really answer much... setting up separate test installs? I just want to upgrade my current install to 4.
  12. Hello, I was wondering where the guide was to upgrade from 3 to 4. Do I just upload over my current install then go to admin/upgrade?
  13. As a vB refugee, I was worried about making the jump to IPS. I encountered a few quirks when converting my forum and photopost gallery. The support staff (from tier I through III) took care of every issue and now has me up and running better than ever. I was very surprised at the effort they took to figure out the problem and make the correction. Looking forward to my community being online for another 15 years, but with IPS now!
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