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  1. I sent you working example code via PM. Feel free to modify and include into your mod as needed. :)
  2. Is there a way to make it so when you log in to IPB it also logs you into WP automatically?
  3. +1 to an update. There is no way I'm updating anything until this is out, absolutely essential unfortunately.
  4. There are a million reasons why this is bad - the most important one being that you cannot develop everything on 1 install since you no longer have a clean install and wont know if something is interfering with your mod until after you're done coding and run additional tests. What exactly is the harm of someone having whatever number of localhost test installs? It's not like they are / can be used for anything except for well... you know... testing?
  5. I see. Here's a feature request: Add the option to make WP accessible only to users logged in to IP.Board but without creating users in the WP install. Most security issues in WP need a user to perform the exploit and most sites don't really require users to be within WP. The goal here is to put a WP install behind a IP.Board authentication wall. This should actually be pretty simple as far as WP goes, just not sure how simple it will be as far as IP.Board goes. You can hook in a auth check into the 'template_redirect' hook (happens pretty early in the chain but not too early). If you need any help on the WP side let me know, I'd be glad to help (I run a WP dev company) - I just have zero dev experience with IP.Board. If IPS ever creates proper dev documentation this product would be a dev dream...
  6. So now it's a full solution which goes both ways - correct? If I take a existing WP install and a existing IP.Board install both userbases will have access to the other software and they will be automatically logged into both on each login?
  7. Please make email templates more easily editable (and ideally also add the ability to create new templates and send them to clients manually or on certain actions - like when they buy a specific service or product). Every billing system out there has one way or the other to easily make email changes. Using the IPB language system for this is extremely inconvenient and limiting.
  8. Absolutely fantastic mod. This should come out of the box with IPB and it's really amazing that it does not. Thanks for making it!
  9. No problem. If you can't reproduce it I'd be happy to do a screencast with the steps I did (I was able to reproduce it every time). :)
  10. 2 issues: 1) When there's no prefixes and you click manage prefixes you get a error. It goes away after you add at least one prefix. 2) When I select the forums in which the prefix should be used on the manage prefixes page it does not work. If I however go to Manage Forums and turn on a prefix in the edit forum page it does work. The second issue is really annoying, would be great if it could be fixed or perhaps I did something wrong? :) [edit] Debugged it a little further. It looks like it only doesn't work until you use it in at least one forum through the method I described above. After it's activated on one forum selecting the forums in the manage prefix page works.
  11. Food for thought: - Allow us to save different filter states (which then any staff member can easily select with a click) - Add an option so when a incoming email has a CC that CC is automatically added to the ticket notifications as well - If there is a CC on the email display it somewhere on the reply "Support requests are sorted by the date of the last reply, ignoring any replies made by the same member (so if a member replies to their support request with more information, they remain in the same position in the queue)." I assume this can be changed? If not, definitely a must have option! Often we get an email that says "I'll send you x in a bit" and then the "a bit" turns into 2 days and by then if the ticket doesn't bounce back up when a new reply is made it will be hard to figure out there was activity in it since then. --- Also I don't see priorities anywhere, I assume this isn't in yet? This is a really important feature for any busy help desk as urgent requests must be at the top of the queue, always. If not different priority levels perhaps at least a "this is urgent" checkbox on the ticket that a client can check and which will bump the ticket to the top?
  12. [quote name='Mark' date='16 June 2010 - 01:26 PM'] It's a good thing there is then ;) Will be blogging about Alternate Contacts some time next week. Fantastic! :D
  13. It would be great if we were somehow able to "link" accounts so they can see each others support tickets, purchases etc. For example we have a company as a client that has 3 people that communicate with us - it is important that all 3 have access to the same information. I realize this is probably not going to make it into 1.0 but perhaps a later revision?
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