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  1. PM sent If anyone has any problem please contact me by PM. Best Regards
  2. Hello, Were on Google Charts did you find Hexagon and Pentagon charts? Please link me to that page. Best Regards
  3. Hello, I plan to do so, but only when IP.Board 4.0 comes out
  4. Hello, I do not know - I don't have any active board. Ask Ocean West :) http://community.invisionpower.com/user/149125-ocean-west/ Best Regards
  5. Hello, That is not a modification issue, it's an option in Google Charts which you can set :) Just set this in your chart options: 'backgroundColor': 'transparent' Best Regards
  6. Hello, Please clear all the options from the original "Ad Code Integration" that comes with IP.Board
  7. Hello, Yes it does :) The demo was taken offline as it was running a very outdated version of IP.Board, and it was though insecure. It has already been updated, you can check it now. Best Regards, William Santos
  8. Hello, This is not a how-to integration. It is meant for PHP Coders. If you're not a coder, please ask sales for a refund. If you are a coder, please tell me why you weren't able to integrate it. Regards
  9. Hello, It doesn't require that. You can simply redirect *.domain.com to www.domain.com with a RewriteRule in your htaccess. Regards.
  10. What?? That feature can be used by anyone to verify the license from any WHMCS installation. I am suggesting the same here, not anything in my name, lol.
  11. No. You didn't understand my suggestion at all. Something like this: http://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php
  12. You should also create a feature like WHMCS has.. Let people enter the path of IP.Boards' installations to see if they are licensed. If they're not, then a form to report piracy would show up.
  13. PM replied. If anyone has any problem too please contact me by PM.
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