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  1. Same problem - some thousands letters were send :( Have to disable this feature. Please fix it!
  2. Can't test it with newest versions, sorry. When I test it - i will wrote here.
  3. Делал для себя импорт тем. Могу поделиться, за покупкой обращаться в PM. Wrote for myself a tool. Ablity to import your themes in Yandex Turbo pages. This file will generate RSS file for import in Yandex Webmaster. For buying - write me a PM. В маркетплейс не дали выложить т.к. он не инсталлится, а загружается по FTP.
  4. This is decision for renaming I found: you must comment lines in /applications/core/modules/admin/settings/advanced.php line 901 $appIsDefault = FALSE; if ( $currentDefinition[ \IPS\Request::i()->key ]['without_top_level'] ) { // $appTopLevel = mb_substr( $currentDefinition[ \IPS\Request::i()->key ]['friendly'], 0, -mb_strlen( $currentDefinition[ \IPS\Request::i()->key ]['without_top_level'] . '/' ) ); // $friendly = rtrim( preg_replace( '/^' . preg_quote( $appTopLevel, '/' ) . '(\/|$)/', '', $friendly ), '/' ); } I try and now it is not added "forums" into url. Be careful with this changes. Now it is worked like I need.
  5. There is a problem with this. Then I change furl from forums/topic/{#id}-{?} to forum/topic/{#id}-{?} it automatically added "forums" and saves as forums/forum/topic/{#id}-{?} Maybe you can look at previous my problem and offer a solution? I understand, but all urls already indexed as /forum/topic... I try to move from /forum/ directory to root folder with changing default app to "portal" and want to save all links.
  6. How to rename "forums" application to "forum" or any other without mod_rewrite? I want urls like /forum/topic/... and not /forums/topic/...
  7. Not working too :( but forum already in \forum dir. Must be another way.
  8. If I set portal default here, that it will open on www.site/forum/ page, but I need www.site page. Read the first message carefully.
  9. you're thinking the wrong way. Settings in acp no matters, i need set some settings in source code in index.php
  10. No, my page www.site/index.php does not understand, that it is a portal page. And in breadcrumbs I see only "Main page" I guess it's need to set some more settings like $_GET['app'] = 'portal'; $_GET['module'] = 'portal'; $_GET['controller'] = 'portal';
  11. Yes: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7330-portal/
  12. I have forum in \forum directory and portal app. www.site/forum/portal/ - shows content and widgets fine. But I want, that portal opens by url www.site/index.php Doing index.php like: $path = 'forum/'; $_GET['app'] = 'portal'; $_GET['module'] = 'portal'; $_GET['controller'] = 'portal'; require_once $path . 'init.php'; \IPS\Dispatcher\External::i()->run(); But in that case all widgets did not shows, i see only portal content. How to fix it?
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