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  1. Делал для себя импорт тем. Могу поделиться, за покупкой обращаться в PM. Wrote for myself a tool. Ablity to import your themes in Yandex Turbo pages. This file will generate RSS file for import in Yandex Webmaster. For buying - write me a PM. В маркетплейс не дали выложить т.к. он не инсталлится, а загружается по FTP.
  2. @DSyste which version of board? How many members? Send screenshot with settings in PM. How many time do you wait on this screen?
  3. i have a look at this You can use this plugin just in time, when you need to set bad users unapproved. After this you can disable it until next time. But in this case mails to badusers will be sent.
  4. I need to set limit first post/reply to different number of characters and number of images. I.e. first post must be >500 characters and must be >=1 image. Reply must be >100 characters only. Can you add this feature?
  5. @onlyME thank you for support! Now it works!
  6. version 2.0 with 4.2.6 error 500 Internal Server Error in ?app=core&module=system&controller=plugins&do=bimQuickSearch topic thumbnail 2.0.2 what can this be?
  7. Please, put all css and js files in one minimized css and one js file automatically. Nobody in 2017 uses million files. Page load time is very important thing now! Think about SEO! Good robots.txt from the box is important thing too.
  8. Not working if select some groups. If select "All" - works fine.
  9. Once i hide the message - it never appears again, even if i change settings and text. It must be a setting to drop dismissed flag. After installing - it is not work while i turn off - turn on If "users can hide message" is off - it must be visible always, even if erlyer user dismissed message
    Can you do the setting with color of fade effect? With custom bugground looks terrible. Sometimes quotes breaks and looks like this. How users do this - i don't know. Maybe in some browsers or mobile devices, but this problem known. https://www.lytkarino.info/forum/topic/53099-forum-lytkarino-online-v4-otzyvy-i-pozhelaniya/?do=findComment&comment=1048742
  10. Fixed this issue. Download new version from marketplace (it is still has 1.0.1 version number).
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