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  1. Reinstalling helped, it is strange that when installing the update, I was not offered any actions for combining or editing styles. Thanks!
  2. Also, the go back to top button, which always appeared at the bottom left after scrolling down the page, has disappeared.
  3. After installing the latest theme update, the slider stopped working, constantly showing that the slide is loading, but nothing happens. I don't even know where to dig, I see that the update just introduced changes to the slider. IPS
  4. I can't understand how presets work in the Palette section, I see that there are color sets at the bottom, but what needs to be entered in the preset fields where it is empty. I want to get five sets like on the demo site, but so far I can't do it.
  5. @opentype Good day, tell me how to use the template "Supergrid Listing" to make the default sorting by date of creation, not id.
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