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  1. Ok people! Is there any documentation? Cause I don`t mind what and how can I do with all this stuff.
  2. Thanks! It worked well!
  3. Hi! I can`t understand why but I got EX1054 Something went wrong. Please try again. everytime I try to create new form that creates new topic. Though it works pretty well on demo. And BTW I don`t know why, but I have no some settings on my board (like General and Topic as on your site). Please help!
  4. Hi! Would be appreciated to test your awesome Shoutbox (at least I`ve upgraded to IPS 4.x).

    I registeres on your site as Guzhov Denis.

    My community

  5. Can I give it name? Nope. And why does none of themes wrap spoilers? It looks really weird.
  6. That`s not spoiler. It`s something like that. There are a lot of HUGE topics om my site and I do need a normal spoiler. I want to name one (not that stupid "Hidden contents"), I need spoilers under spoilers and so on.
  7. +1 New Editor is a BS. No BBCode, no spoilers - madness.
  8. Thanks for great support! No Shoutbox "error", no empty box and logo dissapear nomore. But background images are still looks weird.
  9. Thanks for update! There are still some issues. I still "should" install Shotbox app. Background pictures does not fit to frame and looks like that And in the middle of the first slider picture you can see an empty box (I turned off "Headline 1 Active" and erase every Caption). 3. Looks like logo dissapears in some time.
  10. Hi! Nice skin but I got two problems: 1. I can`t install "elite" properly and got this Unfortunately I still have no Shoutbox app. So when I choose this theme I got this 2. I can`t do anything with slider cause "theme_custom_tab_image links for slider" does nothing. And the last one) How can I change post text color? I think it`s too pale. Thanks and best regards, Den.
  11. How? )) I can`t upload more than 2 MB theme.
    I don`t get it! How does it work? I turn it on but cant find where and how can I create all these stuff?
  12. Hi! Are you gonna upgrade this amazing skin to 4.0?
  13. Strange thing. I copied my current site folder to subdomain folder, upgraded succesfully, went to site and... I could login to ACP just once. After that I`m redirecting to current 3.4.7 ACP) The same happens with some forums.
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