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  1. $25.00

    Halloween Macabre 4.5

    ūüéɬ†Halloween Macabre 4.5¬†
    Halloween Macabre is a dark, responsive theme in traditional Halloween colors with eerie hover effects, featuring a halloween header image which you can replace easily using the theme's customisation options (see below).
    "Do you ever find yourself talking with the dead? Since Willie's death, I catch myself every day, involuntarily talking with him as if he were with me." - Abraham Lincoln (upon the death of his son)
    ūüßü‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ¬†Eerie¬†Main Features

    Site Title text based logo with green to orange radial gradient mode. Royalty free background image by Mark Rall - Unsplash.
    "Never believe anything you see on Halloween." - Reverend M. Goodman, October 31, 1985

    ūüēĮ Easy Branding
    Instantly change the name of your community site title in seconds, hassle-free with no need to edit .psd files with Photoshop! Your community's name will be displayed in spooky Halloween styling and font using modern web fonts and pure CSS on supported devices. You can play with the colors, add various gradients via the theme settings. Of course, the text-based logo can still be replaced by a logo image as usual.
    ‚öįÔłŹ¬†Header¬†Background Changer
    Halloween Macabre comes with a Halloween header background image, which you can replace easily by uploading a stunning stock photo. The theme will cover the header area with the image. A 1920px or wider image is recommended. You can also tweak the height of the image and vertical positioning of the site name.
    ūüĆĀ Misty cloud effect for Header
    New in v1.2 - Enable and control the speed of a spooky but subtle misty cloud animation effect, overlaid over your header image.

    ūü¶á¬†Spooky Fonts
     Enable or disable the spooky fonts where you prefer, with separate controls for navigation menus, page titles, headings, footer area etc. 
    ūüĎĽ¬†Moono Dark¬†Editor
    This theme includes Moono Dark, a suitably dark theme for CK Editor pre-installed and ready to use. You can still use the default or another other IPS compatible CK Editor theme.

    ūüć≠¬†Creepy Google WebFonts
    This theme uses Creepster for titles and headlines. The theme will honour your choice of headline font and body fonts.
    ūüēł¬†Extra Eeerie Custom Theme Settings¬†

    Easily enable, disable or modify the theme's features such as the header background image and site name branding colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.

    Screenshot of custom theme settings, easily change your style and colors without CSS knowledge.

    Screenshot showing header background options. The uploaded image replaces the default image unless removed.
    ūüíÄ Extra Custom Theme Settings include:
    Site Title (Gradient Type) and Direction (if using Linear-Gradient option) Site Title Gradient Colors and Opacity Site Title Font Size Site Title positioning/padding Enable spooky font for Headings Enable spooky font for Nav Menus Enable spooky font for Breadcrumbs Enable spooky font for Buttons Enable spooky font for Footer text Option in increase/decrease letter spacing of Halloween font Header Background Image (minimum of 1920px wide ideal) Enable animated misty clouds header image overlay Control speed of animated misty clouds Enable Prefetch DNS for Google webfonts  
    ūüē∑ Responsive¬†Design and Compatibility
    This theme does not override IPS layouts or responsive design, making it easier to update whilst maintaining compatibility with third party plugins like Chatbox+, Supergrid etc and created using the full community suite including Forums, Commerce, Calendar, Gallery, Blogs, Downloads, Clubs and Pages.

    Chatbox+ (available from Marketplace!)
    ¬†ūüĆô Default supplied header image:

    Tablet (landscape mode)

    Mobile portrait layout

    Example of Member's Profile using a different header image

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  2. Free

    Remembrance (Light) for 4.4

    Remembrance is a simple, poppy themed design. Created for Remembrance Sunday, it features a mindful header image with most buttons and links themed in poppy colour or similar, on a simple white background.
    This is a very light and basic theme, created for my own site using the theme editor and hence it is offered here free of charge and with basic support. It is ideal if you are looking for a quick but attractive theme to mark the solemn remembrance occasion and other commemorations at your IPS4.4 or 4.3 community.
    Tested on 4.4.4 and 4.3.6 Forums, Gallery, Blog, Downloads, Calendar and Pages.
    For the new enhanced 4.5 compatible version please see:
    Go to AdminCP > Customization Themes Add Theme > Upload Theme Choose File and then locate the downloaded Remembrance.xml file, and then click Next to upload it. Feel free to tweak to suit by using the pencil icon to edit the theme. If there are any issues with the theme, please let me know. Hope it's of use.


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  3. $10.00

    Remembrance 4.5

    Remembrance is a clean, poppy themed design created for occasions such as Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day etc, it features a mindful header image which you can easily replace via the theme's custom theme settings, with most buttons and links themed in poppy colour or similar, on a simple white background.

    Remembrance 4.5 - Header area (tablet landscape mode)

    This is a light theme and is ideal if you are looking for a quick but attractive theme to mark solemn remembrance occasions and other commemorative events at your IPS4.5 community.

    Remembrance Custom Theme Settings
    Custom Theme Settings include options for:
    Header Background Image Changer - Simply upload your own cover image, or remove it to switch back to the supplied image. Adjust the top and bottom padding within the header area to adjust the position of your site name and menus. Header Height Adjustment - Easily adjust the height of the header area shown, if you prefer a larger or smaller image. Enable or disable DNS Preconnect/Prefetch of Google Webfonts.  

    Example of Forum Grid View, in tablet, landscape mode.

    Topic view (tablet in portrait mode).


    Club Directory view, tablet, landscape mode.


    Activity Stream View

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  4. $10.00

    Afterburner - Advanced S3 Caching

    Afterburner - Advanced S3 Caching is a simple plug-in which automatically adds additional Expires headers on S3 hosted compressible, cacheable CSS and JS theme files.

    Adds additional HTTP Expires¬†Headers automatically to each S3 hosted relevant, publicly cacheable,¬†compressible IPS theme JS/CSS file. Includes compatibility updates for current major version of IPS. Works on all installed themes JS/CSS resources stored within your S3 bucket, both official and third party themes, with no limit on number of themes. Fire and forget - just leave enabled.¬†¬†Works silently in the background, whenever IPS Community Suite exports theme resources¬†to AWS S3.ÔĽŅ Even if you install a new theme. Potential¬†to boost SEO performance, since Google favours faster loading websites. Requires a pre-configured working AWS S3 storage bucket configuration. Works either¬†with or without an¬†optional CDN¬†such as Cloudfront, Cloudflare etc.ÔĽŅÔĽŅ ¬†
    What's it for?
    This plugin was originally created for IPS Community admins who use S3 storage buckets and in particular sought increased caching performance and a higher GTMetrix score. After a lot of research, trial and error trying to identify the reason for Amazon S3 hosted, compressible IPS4 theme resources were failing Vary: Accept Encoding tests at GTMetrix, I realised it was because S3 needs to have additional Expires headers as well as the more modern Cache-Control headers IPS sets by default. IPS declined to add them by default so Afterburner was created to sit in the background and quietly inject the Expires headers automatically, instead of them needing to be added manually whenever theme CSS and JS files were updated.
    You are hosting your IPS4 Community's Theme Resources at AWS S3. You could add extra HTTP Expires headers yourself to every file, but ideally you need to automate this process because each time IPS Community recaches either by itself or manually via the Support Tool, it will overwrite your modified files.
    So how does it work?
    Afterburner S3 Caching automatically adds Expires headers to each .gz files via Curl or Socket type IPS file transfers by hooking into both, depending upon how your server is configured.
    Thanks to BFarber for suggesting alternative HTTP hook-points.
    Compatible with IPS Community Suite 4.4 series. Developed on 4.3 and tested on all current versions of 4.4, and 4.3.6. Requires a pre-configured and properly working Amazon AWS S3 storage bucket (Versioning mode recommended), correctly set up in IPS Community AdminCP to host your Theme Resources (Files > Storage Settings under Theme Resources).  See the IPS Help Guide for more.  
    How do I install/upgrade Afterburner?
    After downloading the plugin for IPS 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, install the Afterburner XML file via the AdminCP > System > Plugins > Install New Plugin facility. Later versions will be manageable via the Marketplace for IPS 4.5.
    I recommend running the AdminCP Support Tool after installing/updating the plugin to re-cache and upload ALL relevant files rather than waiting for the next scheduled task or manual action that will update them.
    If you are also using a CDN such as Cloudfront, Cloudflare etc, I also found it useful in testing to clear/invalidate Cloudfront/Cloudflare afterwards, instead of waiting for them to update themselves when they next routinely check for updated files and send to their respective Edge locations.
    If you're not using AWS Cloudfront, you need to make your theme files publicly readable. If you are using Cloudfront, follow best practice and make your files non-public, but accessible via an OAI credential and API Key in your bucket policy.
    Does it work on cloud hosted IPS Communities (CiC)?
    I don't see why not, as long as you have S3 hosted theme resource files, but I only have self hosted IPS sites myself.
    Cool! How do I know it's working?
    There are a few ways to test! GT Metrix, the AWS Console, your Browser Console etc.
    You can benchtest your site at GTMetrix before and afterward installing but if you look at the Waterfall tab of your test results, and choose a gzipped JS or CSS theme file hosted in your S3 bucket, you should see similar to this:

    Alternatively, another way to check is at the source, use the Amazon S3 Bucket Console to view the Meta headers on the actual stored gz files, as seen in the screenshot below:

    Another way to see if the Expires headers have been added to your S3 hosted cacheable JS/CSS files, is to use the developer console in your Chrome or Firefox browser (hit F12 and reload the page):


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