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  1. Never take your board off-line

    I take backups from cPanel/phpMyAdmin, yes, but I take the board offline first so nothing gets added to the database during the backup.
  2. Never take your board off-line

    This is my offline page:
  3. Never take your board off-line

    I only turn my board offline when I'm upgrading it or taking a backup, and I always do that pretty late at night when there's usually little to no traffic.
  4. FURL - IPS intends to fix this?

    If you're concerned about it, just don't use topic titles in your staff forums that contain anything you don't want known by members. Hell, most of my staff forum topics are titled mundane stuff like "lol", "fail", "upcoming updates", etc.
  5. Support for Steam OpenId

    I believe OpenID support is being dropped in the next release, 3.3, which is coming fairly soon.
  6. Captcha doesn't work for lifetime licenses? Why not? Edit: If it's because you don't have a ReCaptcha key, you can get one of those yourself from ReCaptcha.

  8. 1.3 to Latest

    Yeah, I'd let IPS support handle this upgrade. 1.3 to 3.2 is a big jump even when coming from actual 1.3 software, let alone InvisionFree.
  9. I have no idea how to make Spam Service work. API Key? I can't find an API key!

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    2. Haku2


      No, you just need to put your license key in System -> Tools & Settings -> System Settings -> License Key.

    3. PKIDelirium


      Gotcha. I hope this works, I just turned off Admin validation for all new accounts and hope I can leave it there. Tired of having to manually sift through piles of spambots.

    4. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      What I suggest most people do is configure spam like this: Code 1 = Register; Code 2 = Register; Code 3 = Admin Review; Code 4 = Ban.

  10. Is there an IPS bracket group for the tournament on Yahoo or something?

  11. One of my old favorite shows from TV Land, Emergency, is on Netflix streaming. Epic.

  12. Uhm, never take Ambien if you're not ready to immediately go to sleep. That was fun and not fun at the same time.

  13. Steel scrappers are now targeting the abandoned, radioactive heavy equipment near Chernobyl. How stupid can you get?

  14. Finally going to get off my @$$ and work on getting upgraded from 3.0.5 to 3.1 this week. Already got skin and a couple apps purchased and ready to go.