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  1. Hello Guys, I just renewed my license and try to auto upgrade from v4.1.19.3 to latest version. And i got this error after it extracted latest version files and redirected to next step. Now i have lost access to my front-end and back-end. Same error on both side. I created a ticket for official support but don't know how long it will take for a reply. Any suggestion how to get rid of this error and get back my site online? Or is there anyway to get older version files. v4.1.19.3 .. And replace them back. I'm looking into client area and can't see any option to get old
  2. I'm a veteran, worked with quite a bit of CMS. I tried pages few years ago, it was a total waste of time, so i created a very nice looking site with wordpress instead. I wanted to remake my site few months ago. So i tried to give pages another shot. i got trial demo with everything. This time i was more serious to get stuff done with pages. I done quite a bit work on demo site like how i wanted a listing page by adding custom code, how i wanted a single page with quite a bit of custom fields. Spend 4/5 days working on this/ Quite a bit of things were still left like home page, a nice slider, d
  3. There are many times when we link to an old topic, (which looks quite good now thanks to v4). I think It would be great if old topic get a small one line reference link, maybe very similar to github. I think that would be great for users to check similar discussion in new topics.
  4. That's great. Thanks for posting this. I hope if IPS include that by default including some body classes and make them permanent. So it can work with all themes. It would help with changing themes and forum upgrades.
  5. Okay. here is my quick code and it works. Thanks [data-forumID="127"] .ipsDataItem_subList.ipsList_inline li:nth-child(5):after { content: "(Post everything else here)"; margin-left: 10px; } But all sub-forums are sorted by alphabet. So if i add another sub-forum and it took earlier spot then this CSS will be useless for "Random Stuff" forum. Instead other number 5 sub-forum will show this message. Its a feature request and a built-in single unique class for each forum in subList and body wouldn't hurt anyone and would save lot of time to find and modify theme files. It wou
  6. I have been used to modifying wordpress themes where each page gets different class in body. e.g: "single-post post-id-123 post-type-books post-category product-single product-category menu-item-123 widget-text widget-recent-posts" etc. So basically i can make each page, each area look different, hide some parts, add :before :after content, change fonts etc and that's what i do all the time. But IPS have some major limits on that part. Even forum index page doesn't have any extra unique class in body. I tried to hide title "Forums" on index page and that created problems with other titles
    Widget is not showing up in block manager.. Please fix this.
  7. I totally agree with this and the whole post.. Even if we take out that inline menu beside logo if it's from pages section.. Still that bottom menu with stylish marker feels so superior to those clunky tabs. Only that part in demo could've make it look much better..
  8. Too late to reply on this but sometime answers are not very relevant or the one who posted question have something else to say about the answer etc.. If comments and discussion started like normal forum, it will get messy as other pointed out. and it won't work on forums where users are used to normal discussion in any thread.. Without a comment system under each answer. i think this is useless.. On top of that, you guys removed "solved" best answer feature from normal discussion forums.. just great.. now if i want to use question section like normal discussion threads with comments/discussion
  9. I read quite a bit of posts in this thread and I wonder how difficult it is to just add a simple Toggle on top which let you choose the view like email software.. It could be 2 view options.. (1) sidebar list view. (2) list on top, message in bottom view.. or a third option like ipb v3 can be added as well.. full page list view and message on new page. Or make a responsive view like 100% list when no message is selected.. but once you select a message, it dynamically move list to 3 columns and selected message open in remaining 9 columns (if it's 12 column setup).. I'm sure i have seen so
  10. @Tomzl @Lindy Is it really need to re-index all posts for future updates or just one time problem with v3 to v4 conversion? I have been planning to upgrade my board with about 100K posts and i'm not sure if it's worth if i have to go through the trouble again and again.. But if later minor updates will take normal time similar to earlier versions.. Then i can go with initial conversion.. And i'm on a shared hosting package on dreamhost, which is running several sites.. All others are wordpress sites and have quite a bit of issues because of shared hosting but i never had any problem
  11. Is there comparison somewhere between 3.4 and 4.0? What i'm looking for some major feature differences. I know there is new responsive design and post editor. But i don't think these are the only things for better user experience of new ipb 4.
  12. Many peoples use RTL language on our forum and there is problem in the editor while writing text. Often text goes off-balance and right alignment is not the solution. We need two language direction buttons in the editor to support both languages. A custom [RTL] bbcode works but after the post is being made, so while writing text in editor still remains the problem. I think a simple two buttons like in MS Word can help many peoples out there. Please consider this in next version.
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