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  1. Is there a way or plugin that can show how many members have registered on our forums There used to be one that showed this at the bottom of the Forums? Thanks
  2. So is there anywhere that advises and shows how to do this in 4.4.x?
  3. Yes, but could you create a Forum, that only a particular group would see, and hide it from the rest of the Groups. Maybe that's what he was trying to say. I hope to do that shortly, and I think creating a new Permissions Set, and adding that Set to a Member, would allow them to see such a Forum? Is that the correct way to do this? Also, perhaps Clubs could be used, but I haven't explored them to see if it can be used in that way as well.
  4. Hi. I found you on Evanesance site. IB Theme. I used to have a couple of themes from her, so I'm thinking I'd like to buy the Twilight Theme then. How can I go about that now and how do you install these themes nowadays on 4.4.x Robert
  5. Ok. I'm going to buy this and try it out. Just finishing the upgraded to 4.4.5 and getting files updated, then I'll give it a try. Thanks Pete
  6. Thanks. Can you change it around a bit. i.e. The header, close off blogs for now, rename Clubs as Groups etc. I'm only used to vs. 3.4x so it's a bit new to me, although I'm exploring and learning in the std IPS forum. I want to get live again quickly with my site, and this doesn't look to bad? Also, I have vs 4.4.4 and I think 4.4.5 is available now? Robert
  7. Are any of your Themes working with 4.4?

    1. IBTheme


      They are now!

  8. Only 1 download and no purchases. Does anyone else own this Pete? I'm looking around for a Skin. Thanks
  9. Well I'm still using 3.4.7 Forums. It's all I need really but the Payment Gateway may have some issues, but also missing extension messages seem to prevent some people from using it. I don't get enough revenue to upgrade and all I need is a cost effective fix, or someone to look at this and fix it for a small fee of course. Anyone?
  10. Hi. My profile at invisionpower is toprobroy.

    Hope that's ok. Let me know if a problem



    1. Pete T

      Pete T

      i need your website forum url.

    2. toprobroy


      Hi Pete. Only just found this. Can't remember what it was originally? ^_^

    3. Pete T

      Pete T

      not hard know own site url currently or past on ?

  11. Can you remove the vote if they are not banned?
  12. Hi. Any plans to get this working in 3.4.7 please?
  13. Andy Thanks for that. I've done it now and it all seems to have gone fine. It's not well described in my view, of the standard documentation, however what you described was easy. I guess they assume people know what to do, so it's down to my lack of knowledge and your excellent knowledge, that I've got this done. All the best Robert
  14. Does anyone know how to upload this hook please. I don't do it very often but in the Help File is says "You just need to upload all of the contents of the 'upload' folder to your forums, preserving the directory structure" As I look at the structure of the downloaded and expanded file I have an Admin and a Public Folder. As I look at my server I have a structure of /forum/uploads and under this Uploads folder are about 6 other folders. 3 are numbers and the other 3 are bgimages, gallery and profile. So if I just upload everything under ../forums/uploads I'll end up with an admin and public folder. My questions is this correct? I'm not convinced, so I thought I'd check. Thanks
  15. Hi Nevo. Thanks for telling me that. When at the Hook, I search for updates but it doesn't find it. I'm worried about losing the information in the package I already have. Do I just download the other hook and follow the install instructions. I'm hoping it will find the other one and retain everything? Thanks Robert
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