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  1. Hi. My profile at invisionpower is toprobroy.

    Hope that's ok. Let me know if a problem



    1. Pete T

      Pete T

      i need your website forum url.

    2. toprobroy


      Hi Pete. Only just found this. Can't remember what it was originally? ^_^

    3. Pete T

      Pete T

      not hard know own site url currently or past on ?

  2. toprobroy

    (NB34) Delete votes banned users

    Can you remove the vote if they are not banned?
  3. toprobroy

    (NB34) Group(s) Who Can Vote

    Hi. Any plans to get this working in 3.4.7 please?
  4. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    Andy Thanks for that. I've done it now and it all seems to have gone fine. It's not well described in my view, of the standard documentation, however what you described was easy. I guess they assume people know what to do, so it's down to my lack of knowledge and your excellent knowledge, that I've got this done. All the best Robert
  5. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    Does anyone know how to upload this hook please. I don't do it very often but in the Help File is says "You just need to upload all of the contents of the 'upload' folder to your forums, preserving the directory structure" As I look at the structure of the downloaded and expanded file I have an Admin and a Public Folder. As I look at my server I have a structure of /forum/uploads and under this Uploads folder are about 6 other folders. 3 are numbers and the other 3 are bgimages, gallery and profile. So if I just upload everything under ../forums/uploads I'll end up with an admin and public folder. My questions is this correct? I'm not convinced, so I thought I'd check. Thanks
  6. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    Hi Nevo. Thanks for telling me that. When at the Hook, I search for updates but it doesn't find it. I'm worried about losing the information in the package I already have. Do I just download the other hook and follow the install instructions. I'm hoping it will find the other one and retain everything? Thanks Robert
  7. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    I appear to see a different version of this Module on my site, which is now 3.4.6 The one I have is Michael McCune and its version 1.1.2 and if I check for upgrades, I see none. I wouldn't call myself an expert by a long chalk, so I wonder if anyone can explain to me if I should remove the one I've got, and download this Ver 1.2. If I did that, would I lose all the packages I already have? Thanks Robert
  8. I would like to know this as well?
  9. Excellent news. Couldn't come soon enough if only for the Mandrill element. Like many others, have had trouble with Blacklisting, even though we're only sending to those who want to receive.
  10. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    Ok, thanks. I have a JS Folder and an Application_addon folder under the root admin folder So these should have in fact been under the forum folder and now that I've uploaded them there, its upgraded and appears to be working. Thanks for your help on this. I'll look through things in detail later. Do you think I can remove the js and the application_addons folders under the admin folder without any harm? Robert
  11. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    Understand Michael thanks. But there are two JS Folders and I just wanted to ensure the Public Folder, was the one under forum My system still says its version 1.0.1. Is that correct. Also, I've had no new subscriptions for 3 days, and I usually get one or two? Thanks
  12. toprobroy

    Subscriptions Manager

    I have downloaded the version of Subscriptions Module for 3..3.2 and uploaded the files, but can't find any Install, even though I've recached as well. I think my problem relates to something to do with how things are uploaded. It seems quite standard to see a Master Folder under the Style Images and what I'm not clear on is whether I should have a Master Folder myself Does it go under forumpublicstyle_images or does it go under forumpublic which is what is shown on the uncompressed structure. Similarly with the JS. There is a js folder under forumpublic and there is a js folder under admin So these things can be confusing and misleading. Perhaps some clarity would be helpful for me and others who are not so familiar and perhaps I can get the subscriptions module working as well. Thanks
  13. toprobroy

    (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Will this work on 3.3.2 My Skin only operates at that version for now I just uploaded it and nothing showing on Manage Applications, so I'm guessing it won't work
  14. toprobroy

    Media Tag - Vimeo Video

    Could you tell me where the bandwidth is used when embedding Vimeo or indeed any video Tag. I assume its streaming the content, and when clicked on to view from within the post, the bandwidth is counted against vimeo or youtube...and not against your hosting of the Forum? THanks
  15. toprobroy

    User option to Change Topic Order

    Yes, its the Order within the Thread that would be useful to be able to do. i.e. First Post or Last post...and the ability to remember the setting for all or just any particular topic or Forum. :whistle: