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    Странно, но у пиндосов он дешевле, чем на сайте разработчика)) Автору -спасибо, приобрел тут! EDIT... Added English translation of review.
  1. i'm so sorry, but what means "ETA"? )) really looking forward to this functionality! can even make a separate app! first customer you already have!
  2. Good afternoon! Extend, please possible forms: - Add the possibility of placing dynamic fields: currently one form is applicable to a recording! Modify, if possible, accommodation in the form of more than one record! For example: Number on the item name Number Price 1 ABC 2 100 2 DEF 3 200 3 GHI 4 300 . . . N XYZ 100 1000 SEND Thank you!
    Спасибо за отличную работу! Двойное спасибо за то, что перевод бесплатен! EDIT... English translation of review added
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