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  1. I modified the permissions so the Guest group do not have permission to see the Member Map. Then, I signed out of my board and clicked on the Member Map link. I refreshed my browser and the map was still available to me as a guest.
  2. For some members, the street address, City, State and country displays. For other members, the City, State and country displays. How can the street address be removed so it does not display? Also, the marker I selected in Settings is not used.
  3. I had problems with custom profile information displaying after registration. All the fields started showing up empty. I had Mike Johns look at my problem. He disabled your app and the problem was fixed. He said that to ask you look and see if the "_createMember" hook is causing issues with custom profile fields on registration.
  4. I have animated flags from an old country flag mod. Can I use these in this app? What is the path to the flag images for this app?
  5. I was the first person to add my location. I was able to add it without problem but now several members email me because there is not a Add Location button. One of my members sent me a screenshot of the map without the button.
  6. Tar file is over 2 mb so members map won't install.
  7. I just purchased this application last year. Adriano Faria is listed as the author. My problem is that my settings do not display all my User Groups. See attached screenshot.
  8. strokenetwork


    I was going to purchase several of your applications but I noticed renewal fees every 6 months. I have been purchasing applications at Invision for over 10 years and have never come across one with renewal fees. I take it this is something new? What are the renewal fees for?
  9. How do I remove Member Map from my board menu? I don't want the modification disabled. I have the link in my dropdown menu so I don't want to see it on my board. See screenshot.
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