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    Works perfectly, simple, bright and clear. Very useful for large communities with a lot of clubs and forums. Very, very, very useful to filter out from staff's streams the activity in clubs they don't belong to. Exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!
  1. Hi, is it still possible to have access to the new plugin for legacy customers? I bought this plugin a long time ago (soon after its first release) when it was a one-shot purchase, so, I don't know if I'm considered as having an "active licence". Thank you!
    Traductions franchement correctes et très complètes, bien sûr chacun peut avoir envie de personnaliser ici ou là, mais le gros du boulot est fait. Et tout ça mis à disposition gratuitement ! Il faudrait vraiment être ingrat pour trouver à y redire. Merci à Invision Board France pour cette mise à jour très attendue !
  2. Thanks for your offer, I'll send you an admin access with a temporary password by private message. Yes, I'm self-hosted! Thanks again.
  3. SRFA


    Ever used a Google Form for something related to your IPS community? Stop here, download this great app and forget about Google Forms forever! Forms by Devfuse/Mike John is a very useful, powerful and flexible app to integrate all kind of forms in your suite. The app is totally integrated and works smoothly with your member management, staff management, site look-and-feel, and more. It will allow you to do many things you will never be able to do with external solutions, in place, all in a single app. One month after purchase we already have 6 forms on the way, and counting. We a
  4. Sorry to bump the topic, I finished exploring and testing the app and I have a couple more remarks & suggestions! First of all it's really a cool app, I'm very happy of my purchase, I'll let a positive review in the marketplace 🙂 Minor bugs: (Already mentioned) custom furl slug restored to default when editing an existing form Quick tag for a field value of type "number" displays nothing (instead of the digit 0) in mp/mail/topic when the field value is 0 Suggestions (things that would improve even more the app): Displaying avatars in logs Allowing to sele
  5. The slug is OK if set at creation, before the first "save", indeed. But it cannot be changed afterwards, when editing an already existing form. (Maybe just works as expected eventually? There could be some logic into not allowing to change the url of an existing form.)
  6. Hi ! Thanks for this very useful and powerful plugin! I have trouble using the custom fURL slug. If I change it and save, it is not taken into account, and the default url (full name of the form) is back as soon as I reload the configuration page. Am I missing something or is there a bug? Thank you for your answer.
    💕Just awesome! 💕 Very complete chat app for your community: easy to configure (although it has a large number of features and customization options) very stable (even what's announced as "in beta testing") - no bug or crash in 1 month of intense usage floating popup: all your public and private conversations follow you when you're browsing the site 1-to-1 floating chat: users love it!! club chats are a great working tool for communities which use clubs the online list makes everyone more trustful and comfortable to chat in rooms works as fine on m
  7. Hi, I have a pre-sales question (sorry if it isn't the right place.) I have several Pages databases, each of them with several categories. Let's say database A with categories A1 and A2 and database B with categories B1, B2 and B3. Can I set up a single SuperBlock to include only some categories of several databases, like the latest entries of a A1+B2+B3, for instance? Thank you for your answer! Edit. Nevermind, I figured it out by myself. Since SuperBlocks is a set of templates for existing blocks, I understand this is an IPS related question, not a question related t
    Extremely useful app to encourage your new members to feel welcome and engage rapidly in your community. It really makes a difference! We were "deprived" from this app after IPS4 upgrade, due to some technical trouble on our side, although we used it for years on the previous version, and we really missed it. Mike was really helpful and patient to assist in troubleshooting (100% my fault, the app is working perfectly with a clean IPS 4.2.6 install). Nice possibilities of customizations, easy to use. Top app and top contributor!
  8. Hi Mike! In the end it had nothing to do with the PHP/MySQL version. But I wanted to let you know that I finally solved the problem! I feel reaaaaally stupid and just don't know how I could miss that, but there were, indeed, old entries prefixed by aw_ in the sys_conf_settings tables. Probably inherited from an previous version (our database has a long and troubled history). I had checked 10 times yet but... had simply missed the "next page" button in phpmyadmin... and finally had an epiphany by accessing the tables through the ACP instead of phpmyadmin (a fresh look on things!) These en
  9. Was skin tone the actual priority to improve emoji management? I don't say it's not cool (it is), but I hope it comes with deeper improvements, on the ACP side especially! ^^ I really love 4.2 and am excited to see the new features, but really, ACP emoji panel is a pet peeve.
  10. Thanks again for your answers and your time, I tried that, no change. I also checked on my test install coming back to Forums as default app and I can confirm to you that it's unrelated. While trying to investigate it came to my mind that I'm not running yet the recommended versions of PHP and SQL (PHP version 5.6.30-0+deb8u1, MySQL version 5.5.55-0+deb8u1-log, utf8mb4 is not enabled). I planned to upgrade anyway, so, I think it's the right time to try; I'll let you know if it brings any changes before you lose more time on my problem. Many, many thanks again for your patience
  11. I did it (with a complete cache clearing between uninstall and install): no change :/ I don't know if it matters, or if it should be otherwise, but in the application list, if I click the dropdown icon on the left, no database shows, unlike all other applications (example below with membermap folded, chatbox unfolded and autowelcome unfolded). Should there be one? Edit. While taking the screenshot above I realize I forgot to mention that Pages (not Forums) is the default app on my install. Could it interfere?
  12. Thanks for your answer. My test install is running in a local virtual machine, I unfortunately can't give you access to it, and I'd prefer avoiding giving access to my live site if there's a chance to solve the problem otherwise. I understand that you are busy with the next release, I can wait for it, then try it and come back to you and give you board access to the live site if the problem persists. I tried to troubleshoot myself, from what I understood in the error message and the app code and indeed, the SQL table ibf_core_sys_conf_settings is not updated at all (there isn't any conf_key
  13. Thanks for your answer. For the moment, I just adjusted the settings to deactivate all alerts (waiting to have written the actual welcome email content!) and the error occur when I hit the "save" button. The same error occur if I set anything on (activating just status alert and keeping the rest off for instance). I do have ftp access, yes.
  14. re-install fixed it! Hi, I have the very same problem as above... except that reinstalling it again and again doesn't fix it I used a previous version of autowelcome with IPB 3 before upgrading to IPS 4. It is not in the "Out of date applications" so, I thought it was uninstalled, but maybe not properly enough? Thanks for your app & for your help. Edit. I forgot to add the basic information, sorry. I run IPS 4.2.4 and installed Auto Welcome 2.5.0. I tried disabling other plugins & apps (I use a couple of them, including Chatbox) without result. I have a
  15. Problem solved with upgrade to .1! I should have tried this from the beginning, it was crystal clear explained in the release notes. Sorry to have spoilt your time and many thanks for your help, you're really great guys!!
  16. I just double check and I have Clubs Enhancements 1.0.16 installed in fact. I'll try with and let you know.
  17. The membermap behaves correctly if I disable the Clubs Enhancements plugin, indeed.
  18. Indeed, I use Adriano's Clubs Enhancements, version (last release) and I probably upgraded it more or less at the same time.
  19. Thank you very much for your help and reactivity, have a good night
  20. @Martin A. no, I'm up to date with IPS 4.2.4.
  21. Hi! Thanks for this nice app! It is overall working very well but since the upgrade to 3.4.2, I have a bug: it has become apparently impossible to browse the marker list. The list of groups appears, but when I click on it, it throws a server error (500). To summarize, (mysite)/membermap/markers/ (and all the rest) seems ok but (mysite)/membermap/markers/group/1-members/ is not. (We use friendly URLs.) I checked my db, the table ibf_membermap_markers_groups seems correct. The PHP error logs reads: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPS\membermap\Markers\Groups::club() in /
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