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  1. Default Post Content

    Any plans on an IPS 4 upgrade?
  2. Wondering if you'll be offering any sort of discounts for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
  3. (Wolf) Secondary Icons

    Hi Wolfie, Is there a way so it shows the secondary group in formatted text instead of the icon? Basically, I want it to work like this (now discontinued): http://invisionmodding.com/topic/49778-sos32-secondary-groups-indicator-400/
  4. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    Over 1 month later...
  5. I am looking for something like this.
  6. I have a few quick questions regarding the forum profile. I may purchase a hosted community package and want to know if these are possible with it. 1. I want to re-arrange the tabs so the Gallery tab is the second tab (below profile overview). Is that possible? 2. I want to rename the Gallery tab in the profile to "Photo Album". Is that possible?
  7. I have been holding off from buying IPB for years now because you guys don't have simple profile photo albums. Have you added anything like that yet? Could it come in the future? And i'm not talking about IP.Gallery, but albums managed and viewed exclusively in the users profile. Like vBulletin and other forum providers have. This seems like a pretty basic but important feature in most sites and I never understood why IPB doesn't have them.
  8. Will this be updated for 3.4?
  9. Default Post Content

    Any plans to upgrade to 3.4? I'd really appreciate it.
  10. Turn your Suite into a website

    Where do I go to show them? I don't see an option
  11. Turn your Suite into a website

    Okay, i'm trying to add a .htaccess file in public_html but it says that the file already exists. I can't find it anywhere, it doesn't seem to show in the list of files. Do you know why?
  12. Turn your Suite into a website

    Hi, I went to change the forum link to www.domain.com/community, but now http://domain.com/index.php?/community How do I remove the index.php? part
  13. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Hi, I have a few questions about this. 1. I don't want the "recently discussed topics" on the side, but instead just the photos in a line. Can this be done? 2. The photos are randomized on each refresh, right? So If I refresh the page, the same photos won't show again? 3. Is there a way to make it so only one line of photos is there, rather than the entire block? Basically, all I want is the title text and one line of photos.
  14. This, is it okay? Does it work fine?
  15. I would love to use this in 3.3.x. Does this work for it?