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    App does not work properly and fails to display on user's profile. The login handler also does not work. I messaged the developer in March about the bugs, and he just read and ignored the msgs. I want this app to work, my members really want it, so I will update my review when these system-breaking bugs are taken care of.
  1. @opentype How do I change this default background? https://gyazo.com/fd8d3e721f75ad8443c740094c773fa6 I have done it manually through FTP but after a few days it reverts back - any ideas? thanks
    Great application, especially for gaming communities who are looking to automate connectivity between their site and teamspeak, It is much easier to be able to just change the groups on the forums and have it automatically changed on the TeamSpeak - but also allowing custom profile fields (like games played) automatically update on TS as additional tags is amazing. And linking forum users with UUID's on TS improves security as well.
  2. Yes Nothing wrong with the permissions - I simply am not able to edit or delete questions
  3. @Adriano Faria I am having issues with who cannot view certain reactions they dont have access to. So if a group with an exclusive reaction uses it - no one else can see it. Any ideas? cheers
  4. @Fosters I am unable to edit and delete questions, it just has the "Duplicate" option This is what it looks like And this is what its supposed to look like Any ideas? cheers
  5. Please update this 


    Hey @Adriano Faria - big fan of all your mods and this is a great app. However I do agree with @United We Stand - I also run a gaming community, being able to change Secondary group would be outstanding.
  6. Hey @TheJackal84 - any chance you can add Clubs to the list of things that can get points? Currently I am only able to set the points gained for forums, but it would be great if we can set this for Clubs too
  7. @Adriano Faria Any chance you can make a simple setting on which groups is able to see the real moderator? For my community I would only want the most senior administrators. thanks
  8. EDIT: NVM i solved it This app is awesome @TheJackal84 - also hilarious we are both jackals, keep on jackaling
  9. How are apps like this able to exist then - It has a reputation altering "item" We are also able to edit reputation through ACP Not saying you are wrong - but im rather genuinely curious cheers
  10. Hey Will you please consider adding an action that removes reputation points from a user, so i could have a function thats IF member gets warned Remove X reputation from member would be awesome
  11. Found a bug @Adriano Faria, If more than one group is selected to be able to use a reaction (but not all), it does not work for anyone other than the very first group selected at the top of the list.
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