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  1. Pretty strange that this error reappears then. Can I also submit the same thing in order to get a quicker fix maybe?
  2. Since the 4.2.1 update when I upload an image and I want to place it in line, like *here* I go with my cursor to there and click on the +-sign in the image. The image gets posted there, but is shows twice now! Like it also appears as attachment. It never did and it should not. How do I fix this?
  3. Idiot. I want bugfixes, but not pay for them. Bugs need to be fixed for free, as they're bugs.
  4. Less and less is free. I'm happy to pay for my license, but not happy to pay for bugfixes. Pay once, get everything after for free until the next major version, then renew. That's the way I like it.
  5. IPB once was a community driven forum software IPB now is a money driven forum software and that stinks, if known before, we would have made a different choice years ago. I don't need the forums to be fully free, but I'm not willing to pay for every little letter that I want changed. If I pay it to IPB or to someone else doesn't matter.
  6. I don't need support, so I don't want to pay for it either. But let's stop this conversation, we're never going to agree. There is a big difference between doing everything to get as much money out of your customers doing as little as possible (like offer only 1 language, any other language needs to be purchased separately and probably still sucks, offer "support") and making a real community driven product, still making money.
  7. Yes, and pay every 6 months again, again, again. If they offered something in return, like free updates until the next major version (so up until IPB 5.0) I would consider it. And then everybody who wants could use my translations for free. I know what it takes, as I did not only translate IPB 3, but a whole cart-system as well. They offered me a lifetime license in return (and all users could use that translation for free). Or the guys who already translated this could get this offer as well, then I could download the translation for free and make it better and give that back to the community, for free. But no, as I said, Invision Power is all about the money. Too bad, it was a great product once.
  8. Then the Dutch translation was offered for free by the community maybe? I never payed for translations, because I always have to redo most of it.
  9. 3 came with a basic translation for free (years ago and as a matter of fact, a lot of money ago because of the renewal), I altered everything that wasn't good (which was a whole lot!) and never suspected that this would all be gone. If this were a community people would offer translations for free (and a page where other community members could change strings and so on), but unfortunatly we made the wrong choice years ago, IPB became too commercial and too much focused on money.
  10. Normally you pay once, get updates until the next major version AND have the languages. Not IPB. It sucks.
  11. I already done the work myself in 3.x. My emoticons also transferred from 3 to 4 so I don't see why language did not. Also most of the user translated stuff sucks anyway, so I have to pay $15 and then redo it for over 50%. There should have been a language pack available for free, as we all pay Invision Power every 6 months!
  12. I have painstakingly translated my community in the past, it was a lot of work, but it was satisfying, as the translation was exactly how I wanted to (most translations are very, very bad). Upgraded to 4.1 today and all translations are gone. There is no Dutch language pack available for free, so I have to sink another $15 now or translate everything again? This is the worst I've encountered ever. What is IPS going to do about this? As I also have to pay to keep my account active every 6 months Money, money, money.
  13. Thanks, I don't know what more info I can give actually.
  14. I've tried, tried, tried, but everytime it fails: upgrading 3.4 to 4.1 I already tried to upgrade to 3.4.9 (which works but breaks some stuff) and then to 4.1.11, but it fails on an error that should have been solved since 4.0.13 Also the conversion to UTF8mb4 broke a lot of stuff Here's the story: 1st part of the upgrade works fine, but then error after error: After the 3rd error I can't continue. The conversion to UTF8mb4 lead to questionmark Unicode characters, I can't fix them. I do have a backup of the old, unconverted database but I will miss a week of posts when I go back. Please help, I'm stuck with 3.4.9 which also has an error: when I press 'submit' to a post it doesn't show that it's posted, but it is. When I post again it appears twice.
  15. I'll renew my license only when this is implemented. At the moment the editor is the worst I've ever had.
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