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  1. ProMenu Plus

    This is the topic that IPS Marketplace links to as the Support Topic isn't it?
  2. ProMenu Plus

    Sorry; I spent more than 2 minutes looking. I don't like the way either of you have spoken to me; I've not insulted you (it's very tempting too though given the attitude) and I think the attitude has been quite unprofessional which does you and even IPS no favours. Anyway, I'm not here to argue but I won't let shoddy attitudes go without being addressed from the consumer's perspective.
  3. ProMenu Plus

    Thanks Ian; as the link shows it is dependent on the opt-in to waive rights. So under UK legislation there is a right to 'return' the item irrespective of condition but as stated, in my case, the product was incomplete. I don't doubt it's a good product but I think I'll give it a miss after CodingJungle's approach below. 1. Of course the globe has time differences but if the seller's location isn't given then how is a seller to know whether you've just got up or going to bed. 2. If I'd been aware that there were no installation instructions in the download I wouldn't have bought it, every other product I've bought has included readme files and not been dependent on external links. For the sake of clarity after seeing the broken link I looked in the products area of Coding Jungle but could not find any reference to installation instructions so at least I'd tried to make up for your omission. 3. The reasons for the deadline are my concern and I don't appreciate the patronising approach you have adopted in the italicised content above. 4. Given your attitude I don't think I'd be particularly likely to buy anything from you in the future - a courteous apology for the inconvenience and an acceptance that you'd agree to a refund may have bought some future goodwill. If you choose to insult one customer who knows how many others you may put off?
  4. ProMenu Plus

    There's no distinction in the Consumer Contract Regulations between products bought from home or overseas. Of course I downloaded it but that does not make any difference as I already explained about exemptions and the necessary provision which the seller has to make. That is outside of the fact that the 'product' was incomplete as supplied (and accepted by the author). For information this is the only download I have ever had to cancel through this site and if you try to tell me that statutory protection will be ignored I'd think far more carefully about future purchases from community members I haven't got a personal track record of dealing with.
  5. ProMenu Plus

    I was being polite in my earlier response; the fact that the link to installation instructions was broken (and experience with other 'support' which is below expectations) left me with limited confidence at the point I was working against a deadline. You have control over the buyer experience in the context of instructions provided so please don't swing that around on the buyer. Under Consumer Contract Regulations in the UK the customer has a right to cancel within 14 days (unless you specifically ask the customer to opt in to an exemption of this for downloads) and the refund must be provided within 14 days of the cancellation - irrespective of whether the item is faulty or incomplete.
  6. ProMenu Plus

    Thanks both, I should have just winged it but as reference was made to having to change some settings I thought I'd best play on the safe side. Unfortunately I needed to get it implemented straight away so I had to make the call to cancel the purchase and request a refund. Apologies from my side.
  7. ProMenu Plus

    Hi, I've just purchased the app and downloaded it but the only reference to installation seems to be the Start_here pdf but the link given http://codingjungle.com/tutorials.html/_/promenu/does not work. Where can I find the install instructions please?
  8. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    An excellent modification with great support from Dawid to get it to work in the VNC. One of the impacts on my board for users with tablets is the impact on the column divisions within VNC as shown in this image. It displays as per the area with the divisions marked in red which leaves unused space towards the right whilst compressing titles etc. I'd like to amend the column widths to be something like the third row which I've marked with green divisions. Where and how can I make these changes. I've looked in styles.css and search.css and it's not immediately apparent. Could anyone advise on that please?
  9. Trader Feedback System

    Thanks Stoo; I hadn't fully appreciated the relevance of that setting. Much appreciated.
  10. Trader Feedback System

    Hi, just purchased and installed; great app! Is there any way to remove the feedback scores from displaying on a member profile in the l/h column in topic view on the forums. Classifieds only represent a very small part of the site content and the visibility of the feedback scores in other areas may confuse readers.
  11. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    Thanks Dawpi, So it would be possible to use that to set up a sidebar which only appeared on the View New Content pages by including viewNewContent on the list of included pages?
  12. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    Hi, Is it possible to use this to create a sidebar ad in View New Content and if so how? TIA
  13. Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    Thanks OnlyME, I've run the upgrade installer but I can't seem to see the images (or any space for them) in Search/VNC; the thumbnails also seem to have disappeared from the forum view when using a customised skin (created through IPB's visual editor and it was fine before) but they're present in the forum view in the default skin. Do you have any advice please? Andy
  14. Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    Thank you, that appears to be displaying better (from reports I've had) but again they're getting a js error:
  15. Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    OK, I can confirm the problem is there on the default skin with IE8. My skin was just a few changes through the virtual editor anyway.