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  1. Question before reactivating.

    Transferring all your data from vBulletin is VERY easy effectively just a click of a button :) I don't quite have the answer of the subdomain bit though sorry!
  2. Best Answers, Unusable . . .

    Yea what Aiwa said you could just put the hook above or below the ad hook so it appears after the first post?
  3. Advice needed on iMac / Mac Pro

    I have an iMac lat '08 i think but i can only run it as the main monitor in a dual monitor setup. Is that different with the newer iMacs?
  4. November Desktops

    Tis a Mac honest :D (Bootcamp :ph34r: )
  5. Looking to buy a 24" 1920x1200 Resi monitor

    ;o scrap that, 22" monitor on the way ;D Thanks alot for the help/video :)
  6. Looking to buy a 24" 1920x1200 Resi monitor

    I already have 5.1 surround so sound isn't really a worry for me :)
  7. Looking to buy a 2nd monitor for my iMac. Since my Mac is 1920x1200 and 24" i would like to keep it along them lines. Any reccomendations prefferably under
  8. IPB 2.0 --> IPB 3.0 why?

    So sorry about this, i meant phpBB 2.0 not IPB 2.0!!
  9. IPB 2.0 --> IPB 3.0 why?

    Ah nice thanks for this, might use it :D Anyone know how long it would take to convert a forum with 12k members and 540k posts? from phpBB of course :) Cheers, Yours Truly
  10. IPB 2.0 --> IPB 3.0 why?

    Hey, Trying to convince someone to make this upgrade, i have shown them the demo but anyone got a list of reasons i could present them with? Both technical and simple, backend and front end. Cheers, Yours Truly