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  1. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Sorry that I have not been active in this thread for a while. I have ceased development for IPB and will not be updating this mod for IPB4. This is also mentioned on the mod listing page. If anyone is interested in taking over development, please contact me to discuss this.
  2. recommendation for upgrading

    Hi, This sounds like a suggestion for IPS, and I don't work for them. Are you referring to the Thanks Mod?
  3. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Hey, I tried to add the ajax thanks to the mobile skin but it is much more difficult than it appears, it would require rewriting the JavaScript that dynamically adds the thankers box, and modifies it when you thank or un-thank the post. It might be added in the future. Yes, please send me FTP access via Private Message.
  4. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Please send me a private message with a link to your forum. Currently there is no such feature. If more people request it, I will consider adding it.
  5. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Hey, What version if Hide Content are you using? Also, did you perform the file edits for integration with Hide Content? Please send me a private message with a link to your forum.
  6. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    1. It is problematic, the way the mod currently saves thanked users in the database does not allow it. 2. I don't really see the need, I realize "liking" status updates is great, but why would you thank a status update? Can you please send me a link to a post so I can reproduce on your forum?
  7. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    I did not change anything in that area of the mod, and also I do remember that "Remove Thanks" only showed up after refreshing always, and so did the thanks counter (because only the post gets updated when we thank with Ajax)
  8. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    You are right, this was not an issue in previous version of IPB. It will be changed in next minor version. :)
  9. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    [EN34] Ajax Thanks v1.0.8 Released Fixed attachments BBCode not parsing when thanking posts with hidden attachments Upload it over previous version, like all other updates. If you bought the mod on Invisionize, PM me with your PayPal e-mail and I'll send it.
  10. [EN30] Presents: Free Video Chat

    Sorry but I don't know any other video chat mods for IPB. :(
  11. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    You are right. :) Scheduled for next version. I can't reproduce, did you integrate with Hide Content? Easy, go to Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Translations -> English -> Translate -> Search for the term "thank" and change it to any other verb you prefer.
  12. [EN32] Traffic Generator

    Scottish, are no sessions being generated?
  13. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Regarding the mobile skin, this mod does not support it. It would be difficult to make it work with the mobile skin, because of the many missing styling and JavaScript functions this mod relies on. Yes. Please read the Fresh Install.html. If you need any help, or would like me to make the edits for you, please send me a private message.
  14. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Hey, Please install the hook_ipb34.xml file in case you get this warning in IPB 3.3 as it fixes that exact warning. If you can send me a link to your forum I can check this for you.
  15. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Please see the post above.