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Welcome to Invision Community 4.4!

We're thrilled to announce that Invision Community 4.4 is available to download now.

After months of development, over 1650 separate code commits and quite a few mugs of questionable coffee you can now get your hands on the beta release from the client centre.

the office party hard GIF

Not our office

Invision Community 4.4 brings numerous new features, over 450 bug fixes and a lot of refinement.

We've been talking about the highlights since September on our blog.

Here's a recap of all that we've added.

We'd love to know which is your favourite feature so far!

Drop a line below and let us know!




Recommended Comments

Seems very good. 😀

I was actually caught out as it error'ed out but a few seconds investigation showed this was because I was running php 7.0.10 , rather than 7.1+ as indicated!
🙂 Oops!

EDIT... If anyone wanted to know what the error was, I'm just posting this for reference really as it may be useful to someone, if they see this or something similar, verify your php/mysql versions in use:

"Uncaught ErrorException: Class IPS\Request could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace. in ***************\init.php:410"

As above , ensuring that you are using a suitable php (and mysql!) version helps! 😄

Edited by AndyF
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I like these two.

1. Extended EXIF data on gallery images.

I would be very grateful if EXIF data would also display on images uploaded to the forum's posts via a link or attachments when clicked on.

2. SVG letter photos, (need to figure out how to use it).


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2 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

There is nothing for you to figure out there. It's a performance improvement which means the letters for profile photos load more quickly.

Ahh. I thought this was a new feature for displaying fancy letters on the post.1409285218_ScreenShot2019-01-30at12_12_48.png.b6fdbc6a7138d987a0010f91f8a72c9c.png


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2 minutes ago, Ocean West said:

It would be nice to see all the "NEW" 4.4 config settings - is there an ACP search to find them all?

Or at least a Guides articles which points to the ACP places. I did indeed felt rather lost when looking for the new features having to first browse the blog posts and then having to guess where the ACP settings might be. “Giphy” in the ACP search? Doesn’t work. New E-Mail banner? Mhhh, under e-mail settings maybe? Nope! And so on … 

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2 minutes ago, H5K said:

Is 4.4 released tor still in beta?

Yes, it’s in the article in the first sentence and it is shown this way in the client area when you download. 
It’s also only the first beta. 

Edited by opentype
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I'm genuinely kind of confused as to why IPS is posting such an early announcement of 4.4.  While we're all excited for the newest version (insert more gifs here), this really is premature:

1. You can't actually download unless you specifically request beta.  

2. You probably don't want to download since it's beta.  

3.  Did I mention it's still in beta yet?

5. And not even late stage beta.  This is literally beta 1 with potential breaks to global template. 

4.  But whatever.  Party on.  This is like the pre-party before the preview party before the launch party, and by the time we actually get to download 4.4 we will all be so drunk and hungover from the partying that we really won't care what version we're actually using on our live sites. 

Edited by Joel R
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1 minute ago, opentype said:

Nothing. That is exactly what is available. 

I was assuming that 4.4 production was available from 10 hours ago... so it's just the beta? Has that not been available for a few weeks? 


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